Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Canada Day

I love this version of the Canadian Flag and it was created by artist named Curtis Wilson and you can check out his website here.

My Canada Day was very low key, I just mowed the lawn. My lovely neighbours mowed my front lawn last week but it needed to be mowed again. The back lawn hadn't been done in two weeks so that was a monster and it was so hot today.

I go back to work tomorrow and while I'm looking forward to establishing a routine again my thoughts are still filled with Dad. I'm going in early to unpack my boxes and the good part is I should be pretty busy.

I'm thinking about going back to his house on Saturday, I had originally thought I'd leave it for two weeks. I do know I'm not comfortable being there for a long stretches of time by myself. It's very very isolated and just feels so weird without Dad. Of course before he passed away I was intending to go out there for a week in July. I may still take that week off but not spend the entire week there. Weekend trips might be easier for me to handle. I need to rent a garbage bin but I suspect that won't happen anytime soon as they're needed for flood relief.

I did get him spot in the Bergen Cemetery which makes me feel better, his urn goes where he wanted and no matter what I do with the property I can always visit. The only thing that through me off a little is I have to dig myself as there is no caretaker and because it's an urn. I sent out a cry of help and a number of friends came forward so I'll coordinate with them. A part of me wanted to keep this very private but I can recognize when I need help. I've cried in front of enough people for the past two weeks maybe I'm over avoiding crying in front of people.

I went to Canada Post to get my Dad's mail forwarded to me. I practically go everywhere with a copy of the Funeral Director's Note and the will as so many people seem to need to see it. Apparently they used to do this service for free but now it cost me $84 to forward it for a year. That's another reason to go back this Saturday as it the forwarding goes into effect July 5th. This time I'll bring the correct size bed sheets so I don't need to sleep on the couch as I'd probably come back early Sunday.

I did go to weigh in on Saturday as well after I dropped the rental off at the airport. I was down 1.4 lb can't say that was because of the plan as I wasn't tracking and while I did eat it wasn't much. I think that was more to do with grieving. We have a new leader...again. I can't remember her name right now but she was a leader in Fredericton so we'll see.  I picked up a new 3 month tracker to get back at it.

I don't have a big desire to cook also because it's so hot so it's pretty simple meal planning. I didn't plan on packing lunch this week as I just wasn't in the head space to be that organized.

I need to get back on track for training too. Dumbo double dare is a mere 2 months away and I am going to Disneyland. I could really use the happiest place on earth

Hope you are all doing well.

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