Friday, July 19, 2013

Changing things up

I'm in a period of change right now.

Not just with the new job but I find my interests changing, like rediscovering getting lost in a book. Right now that's Cuckoo's Callling for me.

I'm also changing it up on the weight loss front. Now I completely believe in Weightwatchers, the program works. I've just found myself going through the motions and not happy with my meetings. You get what you put in.

A lot of that had to do with ridiculous leader and then a whole lot of subs. The other adjustment is back to working Mon - Fri. After 2.5 years of Mon -Thurs it's an adjustment trust me. I find I want to sleep in on Saturdays as Sundays are long run days.

Lately I get discouraged watching others who I remember when they joined succeeding when I'm just not. Frankly I'm tired. To be honest I get more support from my online friends/ bloggers. I was so sad I couldn't go to FitBloggin but knew it was for the best not to go as I was in full scale grief.

Heck there's so much new like dealing with new transportation to work as that's completely changed since the last time I worked downtown. New working hours, new work friends, new boss and new routine.
So last night I came to a decision to try something different. I signed up for weightwatchers online for 6 months.

Yes I've tried online before and was unsuccessful but that was 100% my fault and before the app. I take my phone everywhere.

I haven't been very successful in meetings lately either and just playing around with the same 5 pounds. There are weeks I am totally on, then weeks where I'm totally off and then weeks where I'm so so. Self fulfilling prophecy - fail to plan, plan to fail. My tracker has many partially filled days.

I know the plan inside and out and have learned tons at meetings that lives with me today. It's time to shake things up and walk the talk.

I haven't gone to a meeting since June 22, the Saturday after my Dad passed away, I think I went forcing myself into some sense of normalcy.

There's nothing normal about my life right now, I'm heading into the new normal.

I also changed my weigh in day to Thursday, it's been Saturday forever. I set the phone app to remind me to track breakfast, lunch and dinner. Day one was yesterday.

Frankly it's also cheaper then paying for a meeting and e-tools, the monthly pass is not availabe in my area. As I signed up for 6 months it works out a little more then $5/wk, that's less then I spend at Starbucks. I'm not washing my hands of meetings. I want to try online for 6 months, I have 54lbs till goal. I might lose it in 6 months I might not but if there's still the minimum loss left to join the meetings (I think it's 10 or 15lbs) I'll go back to meetings so I can reach lifetime and get e-tools for free. If I lose it all online I'll be happy with that as well.

I've been talking to people at work about going away for Christmas as I just think that will be too rough to be home this year, and suggestions have been pouring in.
Vegas, Chile, San Fransisco, Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico but then new boss suggested Japan.

I wasn't expecting that and that wasn't even on my radar but then I started thinking about it. I could go to Japan for a week. I've always wanted to go, and ever since I had skin cancer beach vacations don't appeal to me. I'm also liking that's it's a completely different culture and not traditional Christmas. I don't want to go somewhere where I'm surrounded by families celebrating Christmas. When I was in University I signed up for beginner Japanese but it was full, that was probably for the best at the time as I was also enrolled in German and Russian.

I'm researching Tokyo right now, it's huge and there's loads to see. It woud be a total adventure and seriously take me out of my comfort zone. It's aslo low season.

If I need familiar I can go to Tokyo Disneyland.

I went on Amazon yesterday and ordered Japanese languange books so I'm not completely lost. I also bought a trave guide so I'll do my research and must decide soon at any rate.

Here's to the new normal.


Enz said...

I am so impressed with you!!!

I just signed up for online too, we can help each other!! I`mm also back to work and struggling with some changes. yu have me on FB and you have my email! Let do this. If you use your Fitbit connect with me there too, we can challenge each other.


sherijung said...

I just want to send hugs to you--I've been reading forever (remember when Randi and Carolyn did a holiday loss challenge?) but never commented. My dad passed at the end of April, so I'm feeling a lot of sympathy with you on your recent loss. I don't know how Christmas is going to go...Father's day was OK (but I think I just concentrated on my husband and kids instead). My dad's birthday is this Sunday and I'm having an unexpected tough time with that (maybe because we were 'birthday buddies' with mine just 2 weeks before his).

I really wanted to comment because of your plans for Japan over Christmas--we visited Tokyo/Kyoto over the holidays a few years ago. Keep in mind that once December 24 arrives, many things are closed, right up through January 2 or 3, or they may be open only a day or two in that timeframe because many of those days are official holidays. All the temples are open everyday, but 'temple fatigue' is a real thing!. Tokyo Disneyland will be EXTREMELY crowded from December 23 on (we watched the parking lot fill to capacity on the morning we left the area on the 23rd). But don't expect to get away from Christmas, because they love the holiday there, they just don't celebrate it like we do. There are Christmas trees and lights everywhere, and Tokyo Disneyland does a completely off the hook Christmas parade. Anytime of the year, Tokyo DisneySea is not to be missed, it is an amazing park. But if you can arrange your trip to start as far ahead of Christmas as possible, you'll run into fewer crowds and fewer 'closed' signs.

Don't be afraid of not knowing the language, most people can muddle through with you, and there are many restaurants who have English translations for their menus, and they all do plastic models of the menu items in their window so you'll know what they have in any language. The trains all have English translations both written and audible. We were traveling with our son who was there learning Japanese, but we would have been fine without his help (actually we made it all the way from the airport to our hotel at Disneyland on the trains without him (three connections, with luggage, at rush hour!!)

Let me know if you are interested in the link to the travel blog I did for the trip (I don't want to spam your blog).