Sunday, July 14, 2013

Renewed motivation - saving money

Well I attempted to go shopping today.

I wandered through The Bay, Cleo and Laura Petite and came up with zip. The Bay was chaotic with all the spring sales, racks in the middle of aisles and you had to hunt for dressing room. That just makes me grumpy.

Cleo was in a temporary location in the mall and looked like a garage sale.

I can't shop in chaos, I like stores to be organized so during clearance sales I'm 100% turned off. I'm not one who can dig through racks in search of the steal. Which is unfortunate as I'd probably score some deals. What can I say it's the way I'm wired.

I was hoping to find more fall stuff but there was very minimal as it seems there's a lot of spring/summer stuff to get ride of.

I then came home and took a look at my closet, I do have more business clothes then I realized in a myriad of sizes. There quite a few things that are just a little bit too small. Which also makes me grumpy as I had I stayed focused I'd need to buy smaller sizes.

I can get by with what fits now and focus on getting smaller. This way I also save money and actually wear what's in my closet.

I did got to Cleo's website and found more things as of course a website is neatly organized. I had stuff I wanted to purchase and then their website froze. Perhaps it's a sign to stick to my plan and wear what I already own.

In other news I headed out for 4 miles today, I thought I'd ease into it as it's been awhile. I was impressed with my pace as I thought I'd be slower.

To achieve my goals I need to be better organized. I borrowed some habits I had when I had to get up at 3:30 am on Monday's.

I packed everything tonight. My lunch is in the fridge (a salad in the funky WW Salad Bowl, and Oikos Coconut yogurt, unsweetened applesauce as snacks. My breakfast fixings are laid on the counter - oatmeal with the measuring spoons ready to go. Heck my coffee cup is under the Keurig. The gym bag is packed as well.

Two days are tracked and I for once kabashed my 70,000 step goal on Fit Bit.

Now to just keep this going by focusing on one day at a time.

Hope you had a great week.


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