Sunday, December 06, 2009

When the weather outside is frightful...

Multiple pictures for you today and probably a longish post. The first picture is the promised advantages response card. My apologies I can't get it facing the right way on this and for some reason pictures won't load from live writer.

The 2nd photo is my favourite Christmas decoration. It's an advent candle holder and the angles spin when the candles are lit. It's completely hand carved and a German tradition.
The 3rd picture is what I wound up doing yesterday. My friend T called and asked if I wanted to go for a pedicure. I asked if she was willing to drive in the crazy snow. She said yes so I said yes and it also resulted in a manicure. Normally I go with light colours on my fingernails. When I do it at home I make a royal mess of dark colours. I thought why not do something different with a professional doing it. We'll see how long it lasts when I get to site.

The final picture is of the wee birds taking advantage of neighbours bird feeder in the crazy winds and cold. Determined little guys I must say.
My major activiy yesterday was shovelling my sidewalk. The east side barely had any. The west side had a gigantic snow drift that made the lawn, sidewalk and road look like one mega pile of snow. The deepest part was one foot and it took me awhile just chiseling away inch by inch until it was done. I was trying to time my shoveling with the wind but I did get a face full of snow at one point when the wind shifted.
I left at around noon for the mani/pedi and got home at 3pm with only having had breakfast. I was starving. I weighed out some high fibre tortilla chips, added some 2% tex mex cheese and had nachos for a 3pm lunch. The late lunch totally messed me up it just launched a snacking instinct. The damage wasn't bad and I wound up using 5 flexpoints. Today I will totally on plan as I will again save flex for site and be mindful of what I put on my plate.
I decided to change my goal weight yesterday after re-familiarizing myself with some of my WW stuff. 146 is the high end of age/height range and I think that's perfectly reasonable goal for now. Once I get there I'll be able to determine better what's right for me. I have no idea what 146 will look like on me so I'm looking forward to finding out. I also added the dates on weigh in list as I just wanted to be a bit more specific. November was me trying to figure out how to do this again. I'm planning to get this ball seriously rolling this December with my weigh in yesterday.
As I mentioned the other day I've been working my way through the Beck book. The day one activity was the action response card (reasons you want to lose weight). I keep these in the book as I kind of bookmark.
Day 2 was pick two reasonable diets, the 2nd is for if you hit a wall with the first one. No brainer that number one is weight watchers online and my number two is still weight watchers but going back to meetings or following filling foods only a la old Core program.. I know that's a little wishy washy but when I follow the points I try to use my everyday points for nutritionally sound food and the flex for treats. I've been successful with this program before and I will again.
Day 3 is eating when sitting down or stop grazing I take it as. I do eat sitting down, on the sofa in front of the tv. My plan now is to eat at the dining room table and make meals an event not a hobby and eat mindfully. I will set a placemat and maybe light a candle at dinner to make it more focused. I'll start that at lunch today.
Day 4 is giving yourself credit in other words don't beat yourself up. Celebrate the small successes too. I'm pretty good at that usually. I recognize where I go wrong and the focus on the future. "I never look back darling, it distracts from the now" - Edna Mode.
Day 5 is eat mindfully and slowly, this for me is combined with day 3.
Day 6 is find a diet coach, well that's where you all come in. I use your blogs and comments for inspiration and help.
That's as far as I've gotten so far. I'm not going into mega detail as you should really read the book if your interested but I'm sharing my impressions. So far I'm finding it super similar to the tools weight watchers gives you too but it's nice to see it phrased differently.
I know a few other people are checking this book out right now - what do you guys think?
I'm bringing my runners to site and once again have a date with the treadmill. Next week does have one challenge being the company Christmas party on Thurday but I will have a plan for that as I can plan ahead. Activity is on list of priorities this week, along with tracking and getting the H2O in. I will keep you guys updated on that. Apologies about the mega paragraph, of course in compose it looks one way and when posted it does it's on thing.
Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday...later!

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carla said...

Megaparagraph :)

I truly love all the beck books as, to me, the make perfect and natural and intuitive sense.

Cant wait to hear more about how it works for you/what you think.