Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's decided

After much deliberation on this blog I've definitely decided to return to meetings. So on Jan. 2 I'll sign up for Weight Watcher meetings for the 3rd time. My mom died between the 1st and the 2nd so I'm not disappointed about myself for that. There was stuff to deal with.

Starting the new job curtailed the 2nd time, it took me awhile to adjust to the longer hours and earlier start. I can't use that as an excuse though because I need to make this a priority. I thought I could do this on my own and that's not the case. I need the accountability of stepping on someone else's scale. Plus I like the stupid stickers, the key chains, the charms and the booklets. So on that Saturday I'll go to the meeting I used to go to. I'm not a 100% sure that Saturday morning will stay my meeting time as there are a few evening options plus I work super close to the downtown one.

I think the nail on the head on making this decision was reading about Kate's success. Now I'm a total loner at meetings but I do enjoy being part of the group. The weird thing is the first time I saw the Tiffany Key I immediately thought of getting to goal. So I might copy Kate and when I hit maintenance I'll get the Tiffany Crown Key pendant with the oval link chain. When I get there it will have been a life long battle and I think I deserve a little bling. Of course that will be for when I get there.

When I first joined WW I weighed 204lbs got my WW 10% key chain at 184 and eventually got to 168. Then it was a long process of putting it back on. I'm now 194. I've had that key chain attached to my keys since the day I got it. Today I took it off.

This is a new journey now and there will be a new keychain dang it. I do remember seeing a whack of people sign up in January and then by March disappear. I'm in it to win it.
Saw the Alberta Ballet's Nutcracker today and it was lovely. I always get goose bumps at the Sugar Plum fairy part.
Hope your Sunday was wonderful!

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Enz said...

This was a great post. I'm still torn between joining meetings, sticking with the on line program or just stopping it formally and going it alone. Doing it on line is practically going it alone but paying $22 a month to use the online tracker, which I seem to go in fits and starts with - I do much better with my daily pen/paper journal and always use that without fail.

I like the idea of starting fresh with meetings in January- everyone's enthusiasm is so high that it is infectious and hard not to be motivated. Maybe thats what I want more than anything - a big push!!