Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cookie Monster's soul mate

I just pulled the third tray of whipped short bread cookies out of the oven. I took them to work earlier this week and I promised more for tomorrow. Plus I used cookies to bribe someone in to calling me back with info so I owe some cookies too.

The butter was a bit softer this time plus I whipped them for a little longer and they are super light and fluffy this time. It's bizarre really, same recipe and slightly different conditions turn into something different.

This time I sprinkled them with some red sparkles when they came out of the oven. I made them a wee bit more festive this time.

Glitterati - We must chill during the holidays. I'm back from Dad's on the 30th and don't return to work until the 4th.

Many Canadian blogs have been posting about the X-Weighted Challenge starting in January and I am so in. You can register online or in select cities. I'll most likely do online on Jan 9th.

I love the show and have seen tremendous results. Of course staying focused is key. I'm thinking that combined with Beck's Diet Solution read a bit slower could definitely help me.

Many are heading off on their Christmas holiday so if you are I wish you all the best.

In the meantime I'll most likely be posting until the 22nd.

Hope interesting things happen to blog about...hugs!!!

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