Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm cool with that

Today's weigh in results are +0.1. Yes that's up .1 of a pound. I'm wondering if I should have just exhaled on the scale maybe I could have maintained again. I think my saving grace was being busy this week which included racing around.

At any rate I'm ridiculously pleased with that as I was saying yesterday food was a battle this week. The two days at work this week won't be bad as hardly anyone will be around which also means no cookies.

The week at my Dad's house will have no cookies, chocolates or convenience stores. He is kind of funny as he'll give advice on how to lose weight but then tell me I'm not eating enough when I don't want to finish the giant serving he's given me.

The Beck book is coming with me as I'll have 12 days starting Wednesday to just chill with a book or mulitple books. Did I mention my Dad has 3 channels. I'm going from my digital cable (which has nothing on lately anyway) to 3 channels and it's only the CBC that really comes in clearly. So as I said loads of time to read.

This morning I got up had breakfast, looked up the next bus and scurried down to MEC. It wasn't crazy busy at all. Got my Dad's fleece jacket, a calendar and pair of Kahtoola Microspikes (pictured above). I've heard really good things about these things plus reviews on rate it 5 stars. I got a pair of myself too. I might try them out this weekend as sidewalks are still not in great condition and more snow is coming. Not sure if Dad will buy in to the whole concept of snow chains for your shoes. So I'll make sure to keep the receipt just in case he rejects the whole idea.

Zipped up a couple of blocks to the Safeway downtown grabbed milk as that's all I really need for the week and then went in search of a bus home. Decided to see if the bus that gets me close to home was coming soon so I called transit and it said next bus in 4min. My other option would have been a different bus that's a few blocks from home.

It just seemed like everything lined up today. This also means I'm completely done my Christmas shopping anything else is just gravy. I'm going to the Nutcracker Ballet tomorrow and I'm kind of excited about that.

Alright my friends take deep breaths today if you're heading to a mall, stay safe, stay sane and have a wondeful Saturday.


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H-woman said...

I bought those for my mom today! Iris claims they are amazing.

I'm so jealous of 12 days off! Enjoy!

H =)