Monday, December 14, 2009

I don't get it

It was very cold today with it being -28 when I left for work. I was wearing my sleeping bag jacket. It's the long goose down coat from Lands End that makes me think of a sleeping bag. Plus whenever I wear it I'm so toasty warm I could nap anywhere. Seriously I almost fell asleep on the bus to work and the bus home.

I should try putting this thing on when I have insomnia.

Winter is serious business and lately the freakishly cold weather (Edmonton had -46C this weekend that's base temperature, factor in windchill and your heading into the -50C) means you have to dress appropriately to avoid nasty things like frost bite or hypothermia. It absolutely amazes me when this woman got on the bus this morning with nothing covering her head. She had a scarf around her neck and her hair was styled just so. Up to 50% of your body heat can be lost through the top of your head. I looked around the bus and everyone had something on their head except for her. It would be fine if she was hoping in and out of a car but she was waiting for the bus outside.

Yes I get the vanity but when the weather gets dangerous I just thought this woman was an idiot. You can fix your hair when you get to work.

We're supposed to warm up rather dramatically as Wednesday is calling for a +1C so that means all Calgarians better have their advil/tylenol on hand as that tends to cause headaches for many people. It looks like it stays plus for about 3 days which will then cause winter driving chaos part 2 as snow will melt and then freeze. Remember people - sufficient stopping distance is key.

Food was pretty good today but I do find it hard in cold weather that's for sure add in that it's foodapalooza week for me and it's just plain dangerous.

I baked my first batch of Whipped Short Bread cookies of the season which will head to work tomorrow. Then I'll need a second batch for other work mates on Friday.

Plus I want to make a new cookie recipe that I found, might do that tomorrow.

Stay warm my friends and don't forget your toque.


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Carol said...

While I look like Nanook of the North during these colds spells (toque, gloves, two coats, scarf, long-johns and even a hoodie at one point) and believe that "cute" is just plain stupid in winter, the theory of heat being lost through the head has been debunked.
So while she's not losing any more body heat than normal, she's going to look very silly when she has to have her ears surgically removed because of the frostbite!