Wednesday, March 12, 2008

To be continued?

I can't believe Biggest Loser gave us a "to be continued" to find out who gets knocked off. That's so Australian Biggest Loser with their whacky editing. I'm torn as to who I want gone. I really wanted Ali knocked off. I've never really liked her and I'm not sure why. I've always liked Brittany but find her a bit tiresome lately.

After BL I caught Big Brother and thought it was a brilliant move of Ryan to nominate James. I lke James but I didn't like how Josh thought he was running the house.

On the way home yesterday I picked up some frozen entrees for work lunch to see if I can get out of my lunch rut. Normally on Sunday I'll make some sort of meal and divide it into 4 containers for Mon, Tue, Thurs and Fri. I always buy lunch on Wed. The problem with that is I get bored after Tuesday. I tried sandwiches but after taking a sandwich every day of my elementary, junior and high school career I have an issue with packed sandwiches. I love them freshly made but not carted around. So to get out of my rut I'll do the frozen entree for lunch and keep sandwiches as an option for dinner.

The work fitness challenge of 2l of water everyday is going well. I'm quite proud of everyone for being so gung ho. I got 2l on Mon and 3l yesterday. Next week we'll continue with water and add 30min of exercise. The plan is to keep adding healthy behaviours.

I've been reading a really interesting book by Martha Beck called the 4 Day Win. She has suggested that if you can do something for 4 days it can become consistent. I really like her writing style is funny/witty not cartoony. The focus of the book is weightloss but looks at modifiying behaviours as opposed to all will power. I'm only a few chapters in but I'll keep you posted.



Fatinah said...

I was less than impressed to see the to be continued also.

Meanwhile, while that pink chick wasn't my fav - I thought she looked great.

I couldn't believe the temper tantrum Jillian threw. What a baby!

Living to Feel Good said...

I REALLY hate when they pull that kind of stuff on shows. 2 hrs, and they couldn't show us who gets kicked off. BS!!

BB9...I didn't like that Ryan put James up, but of course I am happy now. Do you watch after dark on Show time? The HOH comp was on it. If you missed it, it lasted 5 hours before someone won. If you want to know who let me know.