Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Recap

It's been awhile and time has flown. I really have no idea where it went. So allow me to recap from Friday.

Friday was the last day in our office for one of my co-workers who is transferring to another office. So I made the strawberry white chocolate cheesecake - it looks pretty good doesn't it? The entire thing was eaten. On top of that her lunch of choice was McDonalds. I got a kid's meal with apple slices. My colleagues had Big Macs and large fries......and cheesecake.

Saturday - I went on a quest for clothes. Started at one mall and found nothing, then went downtown and found a few tops. All my dress pants still fit fine and soon skirts can be added so I didn't look for bottoms.

Sunday - Did laundry, hemmed pants, grocery shopped and read my textbook - I felt uber productive.

Monday - Fitness challenge started at work. The challenge this week is 2L of water every day. I met my friend after work and we went for dinner to celebrate her belated birthday. We went to Thompsons at the Hyatt. They have the best nachos I've seen in a long time.
Today - Everyone is telling me how much they had to pee due to the first day of the challenge. I have a low point day plus lots of water planned for today thanks to the nachos and lemon sorbet parfait dessert. Oh yeah there's a birthday in the office and I made the birthday girl a strawberry flan cake with a shortbread crust. Thankfully the next birthday is in April.
Have a great day!


Poonie said...

The cheesecake looks awesome!

Fatinah said...

cheesecake looks pretty!

I bought a bunch of new tops at Fairweathers at Market Mall on Thursday - with the sale prices, I avg'd $24 a top and I feel like a million bucks in them!!

Aren't you in a challenge with the Big Mac, large fry, cheesecake eating colleagues? Interesting healthy habits they have!!

jodi said...

wow that cheesecake looks amazing... can you share/email that recipe! would love to try it!

p.s. who picks mcdonalds as their bday lunch! how funny! ;o)

Sonya said...

Gorgeous cake - you're very talented!