Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cereal for supper - 3 days in a row

What can I say? I like Shreddies and have had zero interest in cooking when I get home from work. I am in a food funk. I have half heartedly tried to menu plan in the past and I realize now it's a priority.

So far this week I've tracked everything, it all hasn't been pretty but it's written down. Exercise has been no existent...again I need to plan it.

I'm in a clothes rut so a shopping expendition must happen and soon.

I've been avoiding any mention of Project Runway as Canada is a few weeks behind. Of course the avoidance could only work for so long.

I was sad to see Bernie sent home on Biggest Loser. I liked him. I want Kelly bumped next, get a back bone woman.

I wound up watching Big Brother last night and why I've not liked this season at all, I love the twist of them playing individually.

I am once again behind in chapters for my course.

So this weekend is all about planning. Planning food, exercise and homework. I need to get it together and get a rhythm going..ya know?

Wheels are starting to turn in my head...victory is near.



Fatinah said...

mmm, cereal for supper sounds good to me - my husband would have a stroke though - doesn't like breakfast food past noon. What a freak!

Living to Feel Good said...

Ohhh I so wanted Kelly to go. To be honest I am sick of her wining each week. Seems she has something to be upset over each week. I liked bernie too. So sad he left.