Friday, March 28, 2008

I have a good feeling....

Oy vey I haven't posted since Tuesday.

Not a lot has happened. I got the rough copy of my group project paper in. I've been diligently tracking. Stepped on the scale and I was 182.5 this morning...whoo. That compared to 186 on Saturday morning. This has a lot to do with water loss probably, as I pretty much went to week one so it feels like the very first week of weight watchers.

I'm committed to adding workouts consistently this weekend. Now that I've successfully tracked for a week and am confident I can do that, I need to move my booty.

I'm having a knee issue, hurts when I go up stairs. It doesn't feel wrong when running or walking, just at a certain angle. It's not crazy pain, just a jolt. I really want to get into strength training to keep all these muscles in check.

Sleep has been funky this week. Tuesday night woke up at 2am and laid there what felt like forever. You can't get up, I just willed myself to sleep. Wednesday no issues, slept like baby. Yesterday went to bed at 9pm, and woke up at 11:45pm. Was awake until 2am, then finally fell asleep. Alarm went off at 5:30am. I'm a bit tired today.

Have avoided two temptations today. I did factor in a latte this morning but I didn't fall for a muffin - they looked really good. A coworker just asked if I wanted to buy lunch with them and I declined and am sticking with my salad. I really want to keep it together, maybe I can squeak out a 182 tomorrow morning at home, which could result in a maybe 180 at WI.

Alright that's all for now.
Have a fantastic weekend!


Living to Feel Good said...

Good luck with the WI. I had a knew thing too with the exact same thing. WOrking out was fine, climbing up stairs it hurt. It went away, and I didn't do anything for it. It lasted like 2-3 weeks. Hopefully it will go away for you too.

Fatinah said...

your IT bands may be causing the knee hurt - try giving them a good stretch on a foam roller - might help!