Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Challenge, challenge everywhere

I am not only taking part in my meeting's Spring Challenge but also a work Fitness Challenge. It had started a few weeks ago with the focus being on healthy behaviours ie. water, exercise etc.

Everyone was to record their progress on a sheet on the wall and we'd do prizes as we went along. Well it wasn't working, people were dropping off. Someone requested we do it for the whole week as opposed to M-F. I realized we needed a competition.

Well I changed it up. I broke us up into two groups, made everyone weigh in this morning. Created a very simple tracking sheet and declared game on. We will compete against each other. The team with the highest percentage of weight loss (ala Biggest Loser) combined with total points earned for getting in goals (water, exercise & fruits and veggies this week) will win. The team that loses will take the winning team out for something yet to be decided.

We drew names for teams and it wound up being upstairs vs. downstairs (2 floor office). The upstair girls have named themselves Phat Girls Slim. The downstairs crew (my team) have no imagination. We will consult the 15 year old daughter of one team mate for a team name.

On my personal tracking front I have now tracked for 4 days straight. I was uninspired by the food in my house and needing 3 veggies servings so I stopped off at Safeway and got salad ingredients plus some sundried tomatoe turkey. As I was walking to the cash, what appears in the corner of my eye but new ice cream flavours from Beyer. Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream made it's way into my basket. I went home had a salad and grabbed the smallest bowl I own and had some ice cream. Later on I had a bit more and then I checked the NI. 4pt per half cup. So I think I had 10pts of ice cream and I had the flexpoints for it and still have 24 of them to last me until Friday.

I'm not upset about the ice cream, I see the value of not using all those flexpoints on the weekend.

Today I brought a yummy salad for lunch and am planning spaghetti for dinner with a sugar free rice pudding cup for dessert. All within my 24pts.

Tonight I need to put something together for my group project, a rough copy. I want to start cleaning my house before my Dad arrives this weekend. I'm debating on weighing in Thursday evening instead of Saturday morning as when Dad is in town it's off to Superstore first thing in the morning.

I really, really want to watch the Biggest Loser at 6pm mst, so I've printed off all my research for the paper and will write by hand and type tomorrow. Sad I know but I find this show motivates me to focus.

I think that's all for today...



->cara said...

Good luck with the project. I'm totally addicted to Biggest Loser, too. Tonight was a good one. I was actually screaming from the couch as they weighed in. What a victory!!!

You know, Bryers should be shot for all the yummy flavors they keep coming up with. I got tempted on weekend by the new Girl Scout Cookie flavored ice cream. It was the Samoa cookies. I stopped in the isle and figured out that a half cup was only 3 points and stuck it in the buggy quick before I came to my senses. OMG it was so yummy!!! I soon regretted it though. I had a whole half gallon of it to stare me in the face every time I opened the freezer UNTIL IT WAS GONE!!

Now I just gotta look the other way as I pass by the Breyers section.

Fatinah said...

nice to have the points for an indulgance, isn't it?