Monday, March 17, 2008

The beat goes on to an Irish tune

Up 0.6 on Saturday, not too bad as that was water retention week. My jaw has fully recovered from the temp crown procedure. I don't feel it at all. I'm just happy the soreness is away so I can once again use those muscles on Thursday.

I had the root canal on that tooth quites some time ago and remember almost falling asleep during the procedure. So far so good with dental procedures in general.

On Saturday I got my hair cut and it's way different. Way way way shorter than previously and when I left the salon the stylist had put two handfuls of mousse in. I hated it. I hate q-tip hair, so I promptly put my toque on and headed home. After rinsing out all the goup I liked it. It's very sassy. I'll try to post a before and after pic.

It was Shamrock shake day in the office in honour of ST. Patrick's day. I haven't had one of these in ages. It was good. I will probably have tomatoes for supper.

Week 2 of office challenge begins today. The goal to get 15min of exercise everyday. Why 15min? To make it a habit. Fitting in 15min per day doesn't seem quite as daunting as 60min to people who have never really had a workout schedule before.

Watched a new show on the weekend. Meet the Newlyweds - it's cute and there wasn't anything else on. I pvr'd "I can make you thin", I watched the last 10min. The host doesn't seem all that engaging and the audience looked bored. I'll wait until I watch the whole thing.

That's all I have for today.

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

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Diane Mandy said...

Belated Happy Paddy's Day!