Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Totally distracted

How does one go from generally not having all that much to do into not having a moment to spare? This will be a fast and furious post my friends.

Alright this is what I've been up to. Met up with my friend S and her adorable son B on the weekend. That little boy will so break hearts one day. If she's reading this we should do that again soon.

Was down 0.8 at weigh in, and a bit shocked since I hadn't tracked since Monday.

The bottom element of my oven is hopefully being repaired by the super amazing Dad today. Thus far I have received no call to say it doesn't work. So that means the minute I get home I have to bake a cake and make a whack of icing for Wednesday cake decorating lesson#2. Which means I'll probably miss hip hop. If I'm knee deep

I can't remember the last time I went to the gym, that will be fixed shortly.
I haven't touched my textbook and have an assignment due this weekend, yet the last assignment still doesn't have a grade posted.
Whoo hoo I got 100% on that assignment and that's worth 25% of the mark!!!! I'm gunnin' for an A baby!

I'm obsessed with ebay. I don't bid on very much (4 items in 4 years) but dang it when I bid on something I want to win. So take that dude who's bidding against me, but you don't realize that I put in a maximum bid and won't go above so you just cost yourself extra moolah by trying to beat me...whahahahahaha.

My two co-workers have decided they need to be my stylist so we're planning a shopping adventure shortly. Little do they know that I know how distracted they get in clothing stores.

Alright wish me a working oven and I promise to go back to posting more often.

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Cory said...

Hope you have a working oven!!!!

Congrats on the loss this week.