Sunday, November 04, 2007

Down 1.4

Whew! Finally a downward spin, which probably means my gain from the week before was completely water related. Friday was the last day for one our salespeople so I baked a bailey's cheesecake and another co-worker brought a bottle of bailey's. At 2pm we were eating cheesecake (small pieces) and drinking bailey's. Of course after that I was drinking water like it was going out of style. I picked up YOU-Younger at the bookstore, I caught the last half of Oprah and I was intrigued. I have the other You books and while they are kind of cartoony there's definitely good tid bits of information. I'll be 36 on my next birthday which I have to admit is freaking me out a little. It's strange, hitting 30 and 35 didn't phase me. The third book is aimed at the 40+ crowd but I'm thinking why wait.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I was down a pound from yesterday. I did do something different yesterday, I just ate when I was hungry. I didn't follow a traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just ate when I felt hungry. My water intake was awful yesterday but since it's snowing and windy out there right now I'll probably stay inside all day and clean house, do homework and such which is a great opportunity to drink water.

I'm also quite proud of myself that I'm not stress eating, I've been stressed at work for the last week and I haven't resulted to calming myself with food. That's new for me, I've consciously decided that I am in control.

Because I'm at home all day today I will be paying close attention to my motivations for grabbing something to eat especially because I have access to a fridge all day.

I hope everyone has great remainder of their weekend.


Stephanie Schwartz said...

Looks like you are turning over a new leaf...good on ya'

Cory said...

Nice good this week. You're doing great!