Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oy vey to icing

So the cake for tonight's lesson took me until 10pm to finish.

I got home and baked the cake (yeah to working oven) and then waited it for it cool. In the meantime I made the buttercream icing, I have a kitchen aid mixer, I think it's just the standard one but it gave that thing a workout. If you don't know mixers, Kitchen Aid is the bees knees. I don't think it helped that I dumped all the ingredients in at once. (I was in a hurry). For the rest of the evening I changed the consistency depending on what I needed it for, changed the colour depending on what I needed it for. Oy vey I was wearing icing. At one point I thought I can make it to hip hop and then I tried to fold a parchment pastry bag. I don't like them, I think I'll pick up a box of the plastic bag one tonight.

After all that I just laid down on the couch and watched Biggest Loser, I was falling asleep for the last half hour so I missed the end but I heard Amy got booted. I have to say I'm kind of happy about that. I just thought she had the worst attitude, it could have been the editing.

It looks like the next two Ugly Betty's will be new, did anyone else think that last weeks episode seemed like a season finale.

What else is new...oh I have a wee crush on the new guy at work. My crazy office mates are totally into it. He's going over his benefits with our office admin (who sets across the hall from me) and I hear her saying "Well as a single man". I didn't dare look at her until he left and low and behold she's totally grinning at me and starting to laugh. Potatoe chips almost came out of her nose. We discoverd he's 6 yrs younger than I am. I tell you the people I work with need lives. I doubt anything will come of it but it's fun to just leave it as a work crush.

O.k I'm off to cake decorating, I'll report back tomorrow.

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The Glitterati said...

I don't usually watch Ugly Betty, but that totally seemed like a finale type episode! I mean, I guess there's not too much of a cliff-hanger, but there kind of is... whatever will Betty do??

Hurray to younger crushes! You know I am all about that! :D Should make the office Christmas party more interesting, at least, right? ;)