Friday, November 16, 2007

Obsessions of the week

I'm one day and a few hours away from finding out if I get this baby off of ebay. Yes it's a 101 piece cake decorating kit (on the right). I'm obsessed with colouring icing and pastry bag tips. Everyone I know will wind up with a cake I swear. Of course I only want it if I can get my price.

My other obsession next picture on the left. My Harvey's red messenger bag shipped today and will be in my hot little hands by Wednesday. Dare I mention I also want a large tote in SUV blue and a mini messenger in black and maybe a clutch in pink. All of a sudden I'm purse obsessed. I think it's because there's no size issues with a purse. There is a reason for any size any occasion. Of course I'm not going to run out and buy all those bags but so far any reward plan I've instigated for weight loss hasn't worked. It's like the prize wasn't all that great. I realize the overall prize is health and fitness but sometimes when the will is not strong I need something more material.

I pulled out Jillian Michael's book last night as I realized I need to start with the basics, primarily motivation, dedication and endurance. I think part of my resistance to being sorted the last few weeks is dealing with the changing season. I find my energy depletes when I face going to the gym in the dark. I can get over it as I do every winter. It's just that first few weeks of adjusting. I was talking to my friend H the other day and we both noticed the desire to eat more has kicked in. I think that's a response to winter as well. Like a hibernation phase. Now we've been lucky, we have yet to see true snow and the coldest it's been is -7 celsius, it can get a whole lot worse than that my friends.

So the plan this weekend (how many times have I said that) is to come up with a plan for workouts.

Have a great weekend everybody

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Bi0nicw0man said...

Ah yes, the seatbelt purses. Those have taunted me for a few years now. DBF tried to get me one for my bday just this past week, but alas the local store was sold out. I shall have to continue panting over it for a while longer. :) Lucky you!