Friday, July 04, 2014

Stampede begins

I added two figurines to my Pop figurine collection that represents upcoming races. The new additions are the Black Widow from Avengers and Darth Vader. The only one missing is Wine & Dine Half but that's ok. They sit on a bookcase that is directly opposite my desk at work so I can look at them all day.

Today is Stampede Parade Friday, in fact the parade just ended and now I'm tuned into the Germany - France World Cup game - Go Germany!

My office is closed due to parade day as about 250,000 people come downtown and line the parade route so getting to work is a huge pain. Lots of downtown workers have today off actually.

I'm still in my PJs. My Parade day tradition is to watch the parade on tv and make myself pancakes. Today it was buttermilk pancakes and turkey bacon.

I had thought about weighing in today but now that pancakes have been consumed that won't happen. I'll stick with tomorrow.

Now later this afternoon I'm off to the Stampede grounds to meet up with friends for the Super Dog show. I love this show and of course I love dogs. I suspect mini donuts will be in my future as dinner and that is my go to Stampede treat. While they are available outside of Stampede it's not the same and I only have them during Stampede.

I hit the gym on Monday & Wednesday, in fact on Tuesday I took measurements and came up with a plan for July. Yesterday was to be strength and yoga but I wound up working till 7pm and then helped a neighbour out and I was wiped. Still averaging over 10K steps per day though.

Today will be walking all over the place thanks to walks to train stations and walking around the grounds. I'm thinking about heading out for a run/walk tomorrow before weigh in but my only concern is I still like to avoid eating that much before weigh in but if I keep the run to 30 min that should be ok. I do miss when I weighed in first thing in the morning but now that it's 12:30pm it's a bit more complicated.

Again it is Stampede week so if I see a gain this week it is what it is and not the end of the world. It's all in moderation.

I leave you today with the genius advertising campaign of the yellow pages, this sign is at one of the C-Train stations I pass on my way to work.

Happy Friday!

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