Sunday, July 20, 2014


I have officially adopted the mantra beastmode, not sure why but it resonates with me. I even created a version of that word using all things demanded for safe passwords on my work and home computer.

Today I did workout 2 of my strength routine, yes it was a few days later then I planned as workout 1 was on Monday but going forward it will be every 2 days interspersed with run/walk days. I also decided to do strength days at home. My plan pretty much just needs some dumbbells and a stability ball.

It's now less than 40 days to Dumbo Doubledare. What I have lacked in my training plan for my other runs was strength training so I'm hoping by the time I need to do Wine & Dine then Avengers the following weekend in November I'll be in the right shape to pull that off.

Today I did a massive grocery shop so breakfasts will be fueled, lunches packed and dinner options easy and fast.

At WI I was down 1.2 which was awesome and a bit of a surprise after my 15 hour day on Thursday and most of it stuck in a car.

This Wednesday I must go back to Edmonton for the day but it's just me this time so I think I'll fly and get a rental as opposed to driving for 6 hours in one day.

I also finally installed medal rack #2

At the rate I'm going I will most likely need a 3rd rack perhaps even a 4th.

Though in my last post I was questioning my RunDisney future past Tinkerbell in May 2015 and I did decide to tackle one I haven't done yet and that is the Dopey Challenge in 2016. I figure it's also wise to keep my focus on that one after Tink.

Hey my goal was to do every single RunDisney race at least once. Though I'm repeating Dumbo Doubledare, Glass Slipper Challenge twice and Tink would be the 3rd time.

My big focus is beastmode which is tracking and following Weightwatchers, following my strength training plan and following my run training plan.

Today was a foodapalooza battle simply due to that time of month, I'm glad I recognized it so I can deal with it.

Alas that's all I got for today.

Hope all of you are well.

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