Saturday, July 26, 2014

What can be done in 90 days?

Day 1

I was waiting for the C-Train home one day this week and saw this. I had to capture it. The sayings often change but this one resonated with me.

This week has been a bit nuts. I have a huge amount of stuff on my plate as my boss seems to be considering me the go to person. While good, it's also a wee stressful and run training severely suffered this week.

Before I headed to weigh in today I got caught up on the last episode of Extreme Weight Loss, this one was with Georgana who was 44 at the beginning of the episode. It wasn't so much her story that struck me it was more on what Chris Powell said during the episode. What can you accomplish in 90 days?. On the show 90 days is the first phase of their one year weight loss experience on the show. Now factoring in most of us are not spending it in a fitness facility for 24 hours a day it's still an interesting question.

I've battled weight for pretty much my entire life up this point, with successes and setbacks and bouncing. Yet you'd think that if I really wanted to do it I'd overcome the bouncing between the same few pounds. That's where I think I'm snuggling with my demons.

Which is interesting because a few months ago I went to a yoga practice that was focused on your inner voice and we were asked to draw it. Mine looked liked a rather ominous snuggly.

I headed to weigh in where I was up .8lb but I decided to buy a new 3 month tracker (90 days). In the meeting itself my leader quoted something I said in the last meeting about going back to basics. Hmm if people are going to quote me perhaps I should be better at walking the talk.

So today is back to basics with concentrated effort for 90 days. What does that mean?

Track everything - every single day
Go to a meeting every single week (which I have been doing but I've got travel coming up where I'll need to find an alternate meeting).
Get back on track with water - minimum 6 cups per day, the big goal 9 cups a day
Get back on track for training - 3 run days, 2 days strength training, 2 days yoga
Journal each day, either on here or in my paper/pen journal or both

Bring on Day 2


Jessica said...

Really relate to that quote, too!

Sonya @ Eyes on the Hourglass said...

Love that quote.

I'm trying to get back to basics too. I have so many reasons to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle that I just have to do it this time. Good for you for buying a 90 day tracker and for setting goals for yourself for 90 days. Your training goals scare me! lol... I'm soooooo not there yet. I'm just trying eat better at this point and that is why I'm doing my own challenge 100 days of salad! So far so good, but I'm only on day 3. lol...