Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beast mode and Stampede

I can't believe so much time has passed since I last blogged.

Does anyone else feel like time is speeding up?

Well last Friday, Saturday and Sunday I headed down to the Stampede grounds. I'm not so interested in the midway rides anymore nor trying to win a stuffed animal. Instead I took in some free events inside the park.

 For the first time ever I took in the World Championship Stock Dog competition, no sheep where injured. This dog got a mouth full of wool, the sheep were confronting the dog which I'm told is highly unusual. The single focusedness of the dogs were amazing. There was one where a sheep actually rammed him but he just rolled over and ignored him.
 Of course there are horses everywhere. This one was funny, he was standoffish until I pulled out my phone then he posed for the camera.
 I love these guys, they are the Calgary Stampede Outriders, made up of previous members of the Calgary Stampede Showband and other local musicians. I particularly enjoyed when the played the Star Wars theme and had mock battle with flutes.
 The front gate of the Stampede grounds.
 Picked up some Stampede bling as the downtown core does dress western during Stampede.
 Moving the sheep around prior to the next day of Stock Dog competition

 Went to see a few other demonstration like one on light horses like this Stallion
 The Stock Dog and ducks demo was awesome, this dog was amazing including weaving in and out of people to keep those ducks in the show area.
 The incredibly beautiful and strong Clydesdale
 Walked through the barns while these horses were having a shower.

 Came across an adorable mini donkey
Witnessed Extreme Cowboy Racing and Cowboy Up

The final night of Stock Dog competition and one dog finally got the 3 sheep into the pen, he didn't win thought. 

On Thursday I got to help give a few training sessions at a site up north, that brought back memories but it was a ridiculously long day. Left my house at 4am and didn't get home till 10pm. Of course on Friday I started fading by 3pm. 

Went to weigh in today and was actually down a pound. We actually had a bit of mix up with meeting topics and wound up doing last week today where we talked all about bouncing back. 

I am heading back to the grounds after I finish writing as my co-worker won Grandstand tickets but can't go so gave them to me. One last night of Stampeding then it's bring on Beast Mode. 

No more distractions. 


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