Thursday, May 29, 2014

Race at home

It's been a long time since I did a race at home or didn't involve a Disney property.

This Sunday I'll be doing the Centaur Subaru Half Marathon as part of the Calgary Marathon, actually the 50th anniversary of the Calgary Marathon.

 Race pack pick up was at the Calgary Stampede Grounds

 You could smell these blossoms before you could see them, gorgeous aren't they

 A bit of  a random selection of past race shirts.

 Vintage sign, but the funny part was as I was walking up to the building no real signage. More like a piece of paper on a stair well telling you to go upstairs.
 Kind of cute touch at bib pick up.

 I'm officially spoiled by RunDisney expos as I found this one very meh. Couple of places selling race stuff and just a whole lot of charities and other runs trying to get your interest.
 My addition to the large sign

 The course map, while I'm not sure how this race will go, worst case scenario I walk it. It will be a very scenic walk/run that's for sure as bit parts go along the river.
 As I was leaving I noticed this vehicle
 Got home and had to take a picture of my tulips, that I've spent zero effort on since I planted them. Strangely the grouping next to this one all the flowers have been plucked off.
 My bit and race instructions.
 Front of race shirt
 Back of race shirt
 What was in the race pack
 Of course I could not resist a jacket above is front and below is back.

Plus I picked up a new run hat :)

In other news my Ford Escape is here and I get to pick it up on Saturday, a mere 4 days before my birthday. Man it was a crazy few days as I coordinated the insurance so the dealership could get my plate.

Oh yes I'm super psyched about the newest RunDisney event, I'm so planning on registering for the Rebel Challenge and even taking a half day at work as the registration site is blocked at new job.

Hope all of you are doing well, I'll be back to give a race report and of course gush about my new wheels.


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