Saturday, May 31, 2014

I shall call it X-Wing

Today was pick up my new Ford Escape day....I started grinning the moment I woke up.

Then I realized I was a total idiot. I told the dealership I wanted to pick it up at 9:30am not realizing that my WW meeting ends at 9:30am, duh.

So let me start with the WW meeting.

I walked in this morning and it was so sad, everything was packed up as starting Tuesday it moves to a new location.

My WI was great I was down 3 lbs.

The good part is that the new location is 5 minutes from house, the bad part is it's now at 12:30pm instead of 8:30am. We are not happy.

The whole thing that the people in my meeting like about early is because one you can weigh in before you eat anything and two you get it done early. Oh please if I need to weigh in at 12:30pm I'll be sleeping and still not eating beforehand.

We love our leader so we're all conflicted and gutted. and the calls to weight watchers shall begin to complain. Originally we were told 11:30am but they were still negotiating now it's 12:30pm...I'm torn. I hate the time, love the people plus my WW Trecker group is still working their way across Canada, we just passed Brandon, MB.

Yes there are other locations in the city with earlier meetings but that means the group will be broken up. So I'll go at 12:30pm next week and see how it goes. If I find difficult I'll change and really want to find a meeting close to a grocery store.

The meeting itself after we all stopped complaining was strangely aligned with what I was talking about yesterday.

We talked about anchors and we talked about focusing on the feeling of success, that would be the reward of the cue, routine, reward cycle I talked about yesterday.

What popped into my head was when I weighed in a few years ago at 168, that was my lowest weight ever and I felt fantastic.

Here is the Anchor I was talking about yesterday, yes that's two 10% key chains and a 25lb token. I've done it before I can do it again.

I bought this mini journal ages ago as I love lego but I realize it's perfect to record my "fall of plan" cues and I wrote When, What, Why on the top of the first page.

When does the cue hit?
What am I doing?
What rationale is running through my head?

After the meeting I ran to the dealership realizing my stupidity and called to apologize.

I did get there and got everything sorted out then had to wait a bit for my plate as the dealership faxed in the paperwork yesterday but I guess the closest registry agent has issues on Saturdays. There was another person waiting for their plate too.

I picked up my baby and I named it X-Wing, the Star Wars stickers will go on the back sometime next week. It's so pretty. I attempted the park assist but messed up and wound up parking 2 houses down, then I read through the manual and moved it to in front of my house. I want to run out and buy car accessories - is that silly or what. I'm imagining a plaid steering wheel cover at the moment.

Tomorrow is the Calgary Half Marathon so no shopping, I'm charging everything right now - as in the Garmin, ipod and iphone. Then I'll lay out everything and figure out what time I need to get up. Right now I'm thinking 3:45am so I can have a cup of coffee, use the bathroom and then go. I'm taking the C-Train as I suspect parking will be stupid with 30,000 people taking part this weekend. The Ultra Marathon, Marathon and Half Marathon all have the same start time of 7am, the 10K starts at 7:30am, the 5K starts at noon. Bag Check opens at 5:30am, so right now I'm planning to leave at 5:00am, I have switch trains downtown so I'm thinking it shouldn't take longer than 40min to get down there.

The corrals are A, B and Open, my bib says B. I 'm getting the feeling it  has nothing to do with expected finish time. At the expo I was actually surprised how long the line was for late registrations. The signage was horrible at the Expo so I'm hoping it's better on race day, still debating on bringing a check in bag. It just hit me there will be no Mickey Waffle after this rate. I guess I could take my sweaty self out for breakfast afterwards - in a booth by myself. I'll have to see what amenities will be there. I have a friend doing the 5K and I'd love to stick around and cheer her on.  Perhaps I'll bring a jacket, flip flops and body spray. The weather should be fantastic.

Hope your Saturday was great.

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