Thursday, May 22, 2014


Well Hello,
I've now completed Day 3 of the new job and it doesn't feel like Day 3 maybe more like week 3.

The first day was orientation which was fine but one of the other new hires had a question that our facilitator couldn't answer so I jumped in. The question was about social media at work, my advice never ever post anything with your company name in it online....ever.

I knew it would be an adjustment going from a Canadian owned big company to a foreign owned smaller company but whoa a part of me thinks these people need me and it feels a little like going back in time. Not to be obnoxious by any means but with their rapid growth plans I'm finding a lot of stuff that will need to be brought up to speed to handle that. I guess that's good but I'm being very conscious of it's my first week. As there are lot of new people on the team I'm finding them looking at me for guidance. Mmmm...ok.

On my way out today I was walking with another person who came from a big company and he made a really good observation. At big company you get to work on one piece of something, at this company you get to work on 25 pieces. In fact I see it exposing me to stuff that I would never had an opportunity to do in my old job.

I get the feeling I'll see very little of my boss who is insanely busy but I adore my co-worker and the people who sit around me.

Tomorrow will be interesting as I'm on my own for Day 4.

I'm trying to adjust to the new schedule. I work 8.5 hrs from Mon - Thurs and 8 hrs on Friday to earn a Friday off per month. In my old job I got 15 days just given to me. The good news they're considering changing this as most employees came from similar arrangements I came from.

Right now I'm doing 7:30am to 5pm, it's sucking the life out of me. I'm a total morning person.  I prefer starting at 7am, so I've been told that's fine so in the next few weeks once I know the client group I'll be supporting I'll transition myself to 7am to 4:30pm.

Oh and I need to get back on track food wise, I've been acting like I'm on vacation, next week it's back to packing lunch and only buying once a week. I'm making stupid decisions food wise.

I foresee walking most of the Calgary Half on June 1 and then getting back into the swing for Dumbo Double Dare. Oh I ordered T25 from Amazon and it arrived today. I figure I can squeeze 25 min into my day. Well soon anyway....hahahaha

Hope everyone is doing well.

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