Sunday, May 25, 2014

No more excuses

This week at WI we celebrated the 50 lb loss of one of my WW buddies, F inspires me tremendously. Not only has she lost 50 lbs but has had consecutive losses for the past 20 weeks.

Now let me be quick to say I don't believe in comparing our weight loss progress as our bodies are all different. We are all different.

But I think about what I've been doing for the past 20 weeks. I certainly haven't had the same sense of dedication not by a long shot. 50lbs would get me very close to goal.

This week's quote seemed directed straight at me - "We can't reach our goals if we stand in our own way."

My last 24 weeks have been bouncing around within the same 5lbs. Yup I'm admitting that as just based on the comments from the past few meetings I'm not alone in that. That's almost half a year of bouncing - no more standing in my own way. In fact let me 100% accountable and share the carnage.

Note the craziness of the chart now, especially that crazy zig zag over the past few weeks.  I'm conscious that's it been a pretty emotional 24 weeks with dealing with a large amount of change. My father passing away and going into a new role right out of bereavement leave and yet a new job starting now. I was a bit concerned in the back of my head about my transition into the new job and what I need to do to make that successful.

Since the most recent period of change I've been on a self improvement mission. I mentioned before I was reading Robin Sharma's Greatness Guide but that got me intrigued about earlier works.

So I read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, what I liked about this book is it's written like a story. Goodness knows there a bizillions of books about self improvement and 99% of it you've heard before but to me the important part is finding it in a format that sticks with me.

I then went on to "The Leader Who Had No Title" once again in story format. Now I read both of these books on my Kobo but I'm picking up the paperback versions as I see myself referencing them. The Leader Who Had No Title is a good book for me right now with my changes in job and looking at a new slate. However this book also made me think how I can be better at leading myself including on this weight loss journey.

Right now I'm reading this:

While I'm only at the start of this book a few aha moments have kicked in about habits. Yes we can replace bad habits with good habits but if the cues are right it doesn't take long to go back to a bad habit. We all probably now that but to realize how our brains are wired to almost guarantee it.

In my last post I felt I was making excuses. What I've really been doing is failing to plan and therefore planning to fail. So no more excuses.

My gym bag is packed for tomorrow. While the weather has been lovely I must face facts. If go home between work and working out there is a 90% chance I'll talk myself out of the workout. So the plan this week is I go straight from work to the gym.

Last week I bought my lunch everyday and made less than fantastic choices so it's packing lunch this week for at least 4 days. My lunch bag is on the counter and everything that needs to go in is ready in the fridge.

Last week I was also getting into the habit of grabbing a muffin for breakfast. This week no buying breakfast. Right now everything I need to make breakfast is laid out.

Getting back to the WW meeting, our location is moving as the current place is up for lease. Now the new location is a mere 5 min from my house but this week we saw the tentative new time. 11:30am - What????? No one was happy about that, myself included. My preference is weighing in first thing in the morning. I like my leader and the folks in my meeting.

Now to be fair it is tentative and they do need to negotiate with the new venue. My Escape should be here soon so I would have means to go to another Saturday morning meeting if necessary. I want the current crew to stay together so I hope it works out for us.

So the goal this week - plan for a good weigh in

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