Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Out of routine

I have no place to really be each day so my routine has changed pretty dramatically.

Waiting and wanting the phone to ring is also a bit nerve racking.

I did get an email from my car guy to say my Escape has shipped and is on it's way to me. That's exciting

Today I ran errands, I went to the library, went the post office, went to the bank and picked up a few things at Walmart.

Then I did a webinar on LinkedIn but I pretty much knew most of what they said so I guess I'm above basic level.

Then I got my patootie outside for a walk, it's weird to be at home during this time. I was watching all the school buses pull away from the elementary school and they only had a few kids on each bus. I went to that elementary school and while I walked to school when those buses left they were full.

Mind you the school system sure has changed since I was in school.

Tomorrow morning I have the 2nd interview and I'm really looking forward to it. This is where I'll get a really good idea about the expectations of the role as I'm meeting who the role reports to and the person in the same role. They're adding a position. Now the fact that it's been posted on LinkedIN since February makes me wonder. In Interview #1 I did ask about that and not for lack of trying they just haven't found the right fit.

I'm not super comfortable tooting my own horn at any time (the introvert in me) so I do wonder if I'm the fit but again tomorrow I'll meet the people that will let me answer that question for myself.

Maybe after the interview I'll go find a matinee as I have movie passes I need to use. I should really go to the  gym and get back to weight training. That Calgary Half Marathon is coming up very very soon.

Thursday might be a coffee date with some of my favourite people. I'm expecting things to be very quiet on the job front starting Friday as it's May long weekend so I expect many people are taking Friday off to make an extra long long weekend.

I saw geraniums at Walmart in small pots so after the long weekend I think I'll get a few. Normally after every May long weekend my Dad would bring me geraniums to plant. I think he'd like that I continue that tradition.

Hope you all had a fabulous day.

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Enz said...

With all the interest you're getting, I don't think you're going to be unemployed for long, so ENJOY the downtime :)