Saturday, March 01, 2014

Glass Slipper Challenge Recap - Part 1 The Expo

Well hello, finding it hard to believe that a week ago I was in sunny Orlando and today I'm staying inside due to -40c windchill and extreme windchill warnings.

Figured it was a good time to write a recap.

Well my plan to take the red eye from Calgary to Toronto so I arrived in Orlando just after noon made sense on paper but it was rough of course I worked all day. I got home and tried to take a nap, no nap happened. My cab came a little early so I was at the airport by just after 9pm. I couldn't find any desk that seemed to be occupied to check in so a lovely woman at the Elite Air Canada desk checked me in.

I went to my gate and noticed that this was the time all the airport staff take a coffee break.

I grabbed a decaf mocha and a new book to bide the time as we weren't boarding till 11:30pm. I didn't sleep much on flight one, so we landed in Toronto where I stood in the longest security line I've ever seen. The good part we had a singing security dude.

Got to Orlando and took the Magic Express to All Star Movies, dumped my stuff and headed straight to the expo. The expo is at ESPN Wide World of Sports and the Disney World Resorts have free race transportation to the expo.

I had a strategy this time after my disappointment of not snagging a Tinkerbell jacket, I was going to go the RunDisney booth in the main expo area first, then go pick up my bib, the Dooney and Burke purse I pre purchased and all the race tshirts. There were two RunDisney booths but my first stop was in the main expo which is in the Josten's Centre.

I got to the expo at about 3pm on Thursday and when I walked into the Run Disney area it was empty of people but full of merchandise in fact they were restocking as I was in there. I didn't even need to stand in line at the cash. That was a first for me. Risky as yes they could have been sold out of stuff but I figured it went along with my mantra of it's went to be it will be.

 Got my bibs for the 5K and Glass Slipper Challenge at HP Field House which had the second RunDisney booth, the one in the main expo definitely has more stuff. Had to go to Champion Stadium to pick up the purse but all 3 buildings are super close to each other.

 I had preordered the pins and necklaces below so picked them up with my packet

 The race shirts are cute but I was hoping for brighter colours.
Went a little bananas in the expo with shirts and not just one jacket but 3. 
Loved how the white jacket had the saying on the back and while I do own a few hoodies none are pink.

 I figured this one would be good for layering as it seems I'll always be training in winter.
Got the magnets for filing cabinet and I always get the mini medal pin, plus a medal for my vinylmation RunMickey.

The other place I wanted to hit in the expo was Raw Threads, I love love their shirts as they can go to the gym or just out and about and they have some super cute designs on front and back. I figured I was saving on shipping.
As I do call myself CowgirlWarrior I couldn't choose between the two Warrior shirts so had to get both
 Cute play on Snow White with the 7 dwarf hats on the back,
I got the Cindy shirt on the 2nd day of the expo as I noticed people in the 5K wearing it and loved the pumpkin carriage on the back. I had commemorate my Pink Coast 2 Coast journey from the Castle in Disneyland to the Castle in Disney World.

I had thought I wouldn't pick up anymore sweatybands but the selection sucks in the Running Rooms in Canada so this was my opportunity to get some I do like to accessorize a bit when I'm on the treadmill.

Tomorrow I recap the runs - The Cinderella Royal Family 5K, Enchanted 10K and Princess Half


Angel Blue said...

Cool pictures.

Alicia said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm in precontemplative mode about these Disney races and need all the info I can get.