Sunday, March 09, 2014

What a compliment

Hello again my friends,

So last week I did not go to weigh in, primarily because the windchill warnings were saying skin would freeze in minutes and as I take transit I opted to play possum and stay inside.

However I was very productive. I realized I need to be better at meal planning and bring lunches to work, not just to save money but to also stay on track better.

I made three things

 The Mexican Potato Casserole from my favourite WW cookbook - Simply The Best, now it's based on the old points so I switched it to the PP as of course all nutritional data it there. In this case I substituted turkey for beef to lower the points even more. It's normally 9 PP per serving with beef so I figured it was closer to 7PP with turkey.
 Some Turkey Chili and this is the recipe from the back of the Old El Paso Chili flavouring packet except of course I used turkey instead of beef.
And finally Turkey Shepherd's Pie with Cauliflower mash. The recipe for this is totally off the top of my head.

I individually portioned everything and popped them into the freezer. I get bored with bringing my lunch so I figured 3 options was better plus If I needed a quick dinner tada I was ready.

So I did go to weigh in yesterday and I was down a 1lb, since I've rededicated myself to WW I've had losses every single week.

I brought the Glass Slipper medals to the meeting, yes all 5 of them. I had talked about the races in the meeting so I wanted to show them I achieved my goal.

The leader made me get up front so I explained them but my final comment was you can do anything you put your mind to. Of course my little medal show and tell lined up with the meeting topic well as we were discussing activity.

After the meeting a woman came up to me and said I should be a leader as I was very inspiring. Aw chucks, that was a compliment. Well as you do need to be at goal for that I have time to think about it.

I'm pretty positive I told you guys how I've been eyeing this new gym that's opening in a building I love well I had a bit of an aha moment.

I can maybe do 6 miles max on a treadmill before I feel like a hamster. What I really need is a gym that has an indoor track. This winter has been awful and just way too icy to go outside, and while I know spring is coming when it's stupid hot out an indoor track will be nice as well.

So on Friday I visited two gyms with indoor tracks.

One was the YMCA downtown and another was a private rec centre closer to my house. Both have pools, indoor track, drop in classes and registered classes.

The first one I visited was the YMCA, super friendly staff and a bit of a hike from the office but right next to the river and the river pathways. The guy showing me around was super friendly and knowledgeable. The indoor track was an oval of about 152 meters that looks down on to the gym. Now of course they have general membership and plus membership. I had thought I'd be fine with general but seeing it over run with teenagers Plus became very appealing. But there plus monthly membership is like $111 which is steep. Yet when I saw it I understood why. The Women's Plus locker room has gym equipment in it, I'm talking 4 treadmills, a few ellipticals, bike, weights. So if you want a private girls only workout area you've got it.

The next gym has a 456 meter indoor track that loops the entire second floor and it's not an oval you go around areas so it doesn't strike me as monotonous, and there are treadmills that face a window that looks on to the mountains...Love that!!! The staff didn't strike me as all that mature as everyone looked about 18 but I think the track (not an oval) and the mountains win hands down. They are also close to path ways that don't go around the river but you have those mountains. There membership is paid annually not monthly, there plus membership works out to be about $30 cheaper per month then the YMCA. I checked out the general locker room and got to listen to 3 teenage girls talk about boys....yeah I'm sucking up the extra expense and going with Plus membership all the way.

The time change is making me so tired, I think after I fold my laundry it might be to bed with a book. Even though it's not even 7pm yet.

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