Friday, March 14, 2014

Joined a new gym

Well I did it, I joined the Rec Centre in my area.

As I don't have a car this place was impossible to get to until they installed the west leg of the C-Train. Now there's a stop 2 down from mine that's pretty much in their parking lot.

Like I said last week I did the tour and on Tuesday I joined and opted for the Plus membership.

On Wednesday I tested the indoor track all 450 ish meters of it and I loved it.

You loop around the entire 2nd floor and it's not on oval there are loads of turns. You look down on the pool, the ice rink, the climbing wall. You go by the cardio machine area, the weight area, there's equipment in all the little nooks. There's a youth area that from 3pm to 11pm is only for people under the age of 17 but I was told if ever there in the before 3pm anyone can use it.

There's equipment I've never seen before and loads of burly guys hefting weights. I saw one guy doing lunges holding two 40 lb weights.

The place is massive. Now I've always had small gyms. The Spa Lady wasn't that big, the corporate gym is tiny even a few years ago when I belonged to a World Health it was a tiny location. I already spotted an area where I can do my weight routine.

So anyway my right knee was a little angry on Wednesday so I opted to walk. I figured out that about 3 laps equals a mile and I was just going along listening to my tunes and realized 45 min had gone by so I thought I can do another 15min which is what I did.

Left my runners in the tote box I get with my membership, a running pair and non running pair (want to check out their weight class called Strength). This way I don't have to cart them back and forth and how thanks to being at site for 2.5 years I have a 2nd pair of both at home.

Actually with my running shoes I always have an indoor pair and an outdoor pair, when the outdoor pair wears out it's replaced by the indoor pair and then a new pair replaces the old indoor pair.

Love the dressing room, I saw that they say no cell phones but my phone was my music so I still took in with me but it was in my bag. No plans on taking any pictures unless no one is in there. I tried to find a picture of the track but no go.

It's a hopping place though.

As I was looping around I saw a few of their trainers. I saw this one girl getting her client to do push ups. While he was doing the push up she looked bored out of her tree. Good to know, never hiring her. He's paying you at least look engaged.

So far this week according to my scale I'm on track for another loss tomorrow.

Other that it's just been an average week, my plan is to return to the gym on Sunday after church. Tomorrow afternoon I'm finally picking up the Garmin I won. Now I have the model up so I'm going to sell this one to a friend who is going to be my running buddy when the ice goes away as we can access some gorgeous pathways just blocks from work. So happy I know have the back up plan of the indoor track though that should keep my training up all year.

Hope you all had a great week.


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