Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Part 4 - Christmas Day In Tokyo

The whole reason I went to Tokyo was because I didn't want to stay home for Christmas and in retrospect it was a good decision.

It was now Christmas Day in Tokyo and one thing I didn't tell you about is that in Japan Christmas Day is like date night and every bakery was selling a version of a Christmas cake.

I was invited to a Christmas Party at friend of a friend's apartment later for a few of us expats so I decided to visit Senso-Ji Temple in Asakusa in the morning.

Can I tell you how much I love the Tokyo train system, they mark off where the door will open and what car you'll be on.
 There is usually a display telling you how many stations to go and where you are. This was a Tokyo Metro train.
 Arriving in Asakusa the first thing I found was a big market.

 As you walked to the temple these drawings led the way.

 It's a beautiful temple

 Different process at this one instead of washing your hands  you bathe your face in smoke to ward off illness.

 This was one of the stores along the front walk of the temple but so typical of many stores in Tokyo with a huge amount of phone accessories.

 I couldn't get over all the unlocked bicycles. Theft brings dishonor on to you family so there is very little crime in Tokyo or Japan.
 The Asakusa train
 I stopped for noodles for lunch, same process as before - order from machine, pay, get ticket, hand ticket in. Though this time I was sitting next to a Buddhist Monk.

 More of the very packed market

 I was then off to Ueno, in hopes of going to a museum. Ueno is museum central unfortunately all of them were closed from Dec 25 - Jan 1. Oh well.
Instead I went to the Ueno Zoo, I have to say admission fees are very reasonable in Tokyo, the zoo was 600 yen ($6) and so would have been the museum. 

 My personal favourite the Tiger.
 Again I love the Tokyo train system not just for it's efficiency but everyone is so well behaved, no cell phones, no loud talking in fact the cars are pretty quiet.

 The other thing I love is small serving sizes, I got this from a vending machine.
Later on it was off to Tamachi Station where I was meeting Chris. I was early so I had some time to explore nearby.
 A packed Pachinko place and remember it's Christmas Day - date night.
 The frantic selling of New Year's cards in the station.
 Then it was off to Chris' friend's place for Christmas dinner, I was so impressed by this tree.

 The spread, so impressed by our host who was in fact Jewish so throwing a Christmas party for 2 Canadians, an Aussie and an American was super nice.
 Dessert was Pannacotta and sooooooo gooooooddddd.
 View from his balcony, now they all assured me this was a really nice apartment and though again very small compared to North America had one incredible view.

Part 5 tomorrow which will cover my last full day in Tokyo with the temple of the 47 Ronin and Karaoke!!!

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