Saturday, December 07, 2013

Day 36 - Still brrr but that wouldn't stop Santa

The wind chill was brutal this morning -37C/ -24F, now I had already decided to skip the Santa Shuffle 5K. Maybe if I had a car to get there and immediately warm up I might have gone, alas I don't have a car and rely on public transit for now.

I also skipped WI today as it was just too bloody cold.

Now I couldn't stay in all day like I did yesterday as I had to go and order my Japanese Yen, it's less then two weeks to my Tokyo vacation. Just a recap this is personal trip, as I can't stay home this Christmas it would just hurt too much. I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and throw myself into a completely foreign environment where I would not run into a whack of families celebrating Christmas.

So after a wee bit of research Tokyo it was. I am getting a wee freaked out but more excited then scared.

After the bank today was all about being Santa. I always donate two toys to the Salvation Army's toy drive. I always try to pick something that isn't violent as I don't know what they're homes are like and gender neutral. So this year it was a Lego tree house and Monopoly.

This year being in the Calgary office I was introduced to the Christmas Trees on each floor. Each tree has a gift tags that indicate a donation for a particular charity. As a business unit we support 3 charities but the one that spoke to me most was the Seniors Secret Santa.

Seniors Secret Santa supports seniors who are living alone or in care facilities. I picked two cards off the tree for Seniors Secret Santa one for a lady and one for a man.

Oh and I got toilet paper as I was down to one roll that was the one thing I bought myself.

To show you how fast the weather changes in my fair city when I came home the windchill was now -24C/ -11F. Just a 5 degree difference feels a lot better.

Now today is also my Dad's birthday so I'll admit it's a melancholy kind of day.

Tonight I'm off to dinner theater with friends to celebrate someone else's birthday so in my heart it will be celebrating Dad. I knew it was Dad's birthday when I agreed to go as I thought it might be for the best that I have an event today and not dwell in sadness on the couch.

Tomorrow I'm talking to a psychic, now I know there's loads of people who believe and don't believe in psychic plus there are probably loads of fake and real psychics out there. I've talked to this one before in March when I was in job stress. Knowing I was coming back to Calgary but no job identified.

I want to talk to her now to see if my Dad is o.k, plus my whole world was turned upside down since June when he passed and I changed jobs within two weeks of each other. I feel a little lost. The last time I talked to her a lot of what she said made sense so that's why I'm willing to talk to her again.

That's all I got for today.


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