Sunday, December 15, 2013

Positive visualization

I went to WI on Saturday expecting to see a gain of a few pounds, instead it was a gain of .4, I can handle that.

I'm sure I mentioned before but I work in the downtown core and some of the buildings get pretty creative with their Christmas decorations. The decorations above are in the building next to mine. The ornament that's half way into the floor is creative, the next one to that on the right is massive and then as you look up they get progressively smaller.

Strangely I found these as a metaphor for how my week progressed, going from focused on the past and guilt to visualizing future goals - slowly but surely. Every night before bed, I put my phone on a play list I call My Happy Place which is pretty much yoga music, take a moment to center myself then I write in a journal. This is not a recap of the day this is future stated action phrases that keep me looking forward.

I will be in a loving relationship, feel loved, respected and supported. I will be successful in my career and know that I contribute and am valued, I will get the key at WeightWatchers, I will be at the 2014 Christmas party in a little black dress with my guy on my arm.

Every time I think about my Dad I tried to think of him watching over me and looking out for me and thinking of him happy and content where he is now. It's baby steps but trying to focus on future positives.

I'm in the process of selling his car so sending positive vibes to that being straightforward and yes it's the first thing of his I'm selling, and I received the first thing from the estate. There will be a lot of firsts between now and June. I've now learned I can do things at my speed and not feel like I'm being rushed into anything.

I have this strange thought to pick up Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway again.

Speaking of future I picked up the Yen on Saturday and now I just want to pick up some darker wash jeans for the trip. I keep hearing that the people of Tokyo are very fashionable which I don't consider myself to be at all. So I figure presentable and comfortable is my aim. It's going to be a short week as I'm done as of noon on Wednesday, not leaving until Friday which is good as I don't need to rush anything.

5 Sleeps

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