Monday, September 02, 2013

Reigniting the fire

It's a miracle I crossed the finish line of the 2013 Disneyland Half and completed the Dumbo Double Dare. 

I stood at the start line & thought what the heck am I doing. I'm not trained for this as I let too many excuses get in my own way. Now I'm not talking about my Dad passing but before that. The job stress that I let get to me. My longest run before yesterday was 6 miles/ 10k. 

Ironic that I never ran when it was above 25C at home and by the midpoint way it was 42C with the humidity. What was I thinking? I did not prepare well at all this time around. 

As we waited to get into the corrals you overhear all the run chat about training plans and preparation. So many people were taped up in KT tape, or in compression gear or wearing all sorts of bands on knees.

I knew I would give this everything I had. Remember how I feel to really hit home of how this feels not being 100% ready. 

I was right at the front of my corral and I've never done that before. Typically I'm at the back or in the middle. Well with that pace minimum in my head I wanted as many people behind me as possible. 

It was sort of awesome being right at the start line as the corral before us were getting further away. RunDisney does staggered starts. 

I started running as it went straight into a bit of a downhill as we went under an overpass. When I went to a walk I could feel shin splints. I wasn't even at mile 1. 

I kept walking till the shins calmed down. I started small running portions. My walk pace was doing great and varying between 13:50/mile & 14:50/mile. I was passing some runners. All felt good till mile 8. Funny that's the same spot as Wine & Dine November. I wasn't 100% prepared for that race either but I had done the run/walk till mile 8 in that race. That was one I did the 5K in the morning in the same day. Yet I used that race as proof I could do Dumbo Double Dare. 

I kept my run portions to downhills & just kept one foot in front of the other. 

The cool part about this course is you go through Angel's Stadium & go around the ball field. I have never seen so many Boy and Girl Scouts that filled the stands cheering us on. 

After the Stadium we hit this stretch that was literally on the edge of a dry gully so we were on sand then fine gravel. Only about 4 people across could navigate that. Did not enjoy that part whatsoever. 

I don't know if it was the heat but there were some rude runners. No excuse me's when they passed super close. The whole walk on the right went out the window and people 3 to 5 across because they were running together. The Race pack says keep it to no more then 2.

There  were loads of nice runners though and the volunteers absolutely amazing. 

By Mile 12 I stopped caring about pace & focused on finishing. Every medical station had someone who has succumbed to the heat. Another miracle that I didn't as I'm so not used to humidity but I think the walking helped me there. 

I pulled out my last serge of energy to run across the finish line & realized Mickey & Donald were standing there so I high 5'd them as I crossed. 

Official time 3:22:25, that's 3 min slower then Wine & Dine but not my slowest half. 

Afterwards I popped a few Tylenol, downed some coffee, had a Mickey Waffle & hit the park. 

What this experience did do is reignite the fire. In January I have the Tinker Bell 10K & Half. In February the Glass Slipper Challenge (10K & Half). I learned a lot doing Dumbo to prepare for those two. Plus the weather should be more tolerable at the races but I will be training through winter at home - no excuses. 

Next time I need to remember to pack something for chafing. I have wicked chafing under my arms were the sports bra rubbed. Ironic that was the one place I didn't Body Glide. Thankfully I packed Vaseline. 

I'm so incredibly grateful that I finished in one piece & apart from being a bit sore feeling pretty darn good. 

Today it's off to explore the parks as I have a feeling tomorrow will be check out and off to LAX. 

I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day. 


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