Sunday, September 08, 2013

Tough Day

On Saturday I headed out to Bergen to bury my Father's urn.

I don't know if I was dreading this day or seeking some sort of closure with this day.

My normal car rental place was out of vehicles so I used Avis this time. It's easiest for me to pick up cars in the downtown area so that's the location I rented from.

Now to get downtown I can take the c-train but this time I tried Cars2Go for the first time. They're smart cars parked all over the city and your membership card opens the door and pretty much off you go. They have an app that shows you the cars in your area so Saturday morning I reserved the closest one. You can reserve for 30 min. You can't take them outside of the city.

It's a fun little car but the challenge is where you can park it downtown, the navigation system can tell you where the safe spots to park are so I used that and ended my trip close to the Avis location.

The rental process at Avis was different then Enterprise as all the Avis cars are in a multistory parking garage. I wound up with a Fiat, I didn't enjoy the Fiat as I found when it accelerated it was like a standard and made a high pitch sound till the next gear engaged.

My first stop was Dad's house and I let Dad's urn look out the picture window that Dad so often looked out of.

I didn't stop for long as I had to head to the cemetery. This is a tiny cemetery in a rural area and no care taker on site so I was told I had to dig the hole myself, luckily the lady I was dealing Lynn said her husband could help me.

I got mixed up as to it's location as at first I thought it was close to the church but it was after the one general store. I've only visited it once before to get the lay of the land yet I've driven past it hundreds of times.

It was pouring rain that day and I found it strangely fitting not because it was sad weather but my Dad was a huge gardener and he would be saying we needed this rain. I kept it together at the cemetery as I was not the only person burying an urn that day. I did like that they liked the urn I picked out for Dad.

The headstone should be installed in the next 3 weeks or so. It was interesting to see what other people did. There were quite a few solar garden lamps, I couldn't figure that out. Are they visiting in the dark? Lynn didn't like them as she thinks it could draw negative attention and potential vandals - hey what's that glow coming from the trees. They asked me where I wanted the urn in the rectangle and asked me north or west. I went with west so it faced the mountains. I'll probably be up there one more time before the headstone is installed and that will become my regular stop when I'm up there.

They invited me for a bowl of soup as I think they felt bad for me as I've been solo through this whole process. I thanked them but declined and headed back to the house. I intend to make a donation to the cemetery society as a thank you.

When I got to the house it hit me and the tears started. I was supposed to contact a neighbour friend to go through some stuff as they're having a garage sale next weekend. It just wasn't in me, I wound up taking a long nap as the stress of the day finally hit me. I told the neighbour that I just wanted to take it easy. This was not the weekend to sort anything. I went to make some lunch and found a can of Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate in the cupboard. My Dad didn't drink Hot Chocolate, he must have bought it for me and the tears started again.

Later on another neighbour the one I pay to watch the house dropped by. He's a super sweet older fella, can't drive anymore so he runs around on an ATV. You can't rush him in conversation but we had a little chat about the property and looney tunes. I think he wants me keep the property just like another neighbour. I get it but it just doesn't make sense.

I drove home this morning and it was super foggy. As I've said before I only recently started driving again but I couldn't believe the number of cars I saw that just had their daytime running lights on, and not to mention the number of people who passed me going 40KM over the speed limit when you could barely see 100m in front of you. I had already passed one deer and thought those people could so easily hit wildlife and the wildlife would win.

On Saturday I noticed one of the headlights was out on the Fiat. I returned the car before they were open.

I managed to fill the car up for the first time on my own and figure out the complicated procedure of returning the car. I stopped off at MacDonald's for a latte and breakfast and then took the c-train home. I wanted to walk a bit. I got of the train and started my 15min walk home and all the neighbourhood dogs where out for their morning walk so that made me happy.

I called the rental place to tell them about the headlight and they had already rented it out to someone else. Interesting as I returned it pretty dirty on the outside due to all the rain and mud. They said they'd contact the current renter and tell them they can take it in to get fixed and Avis will reimburse them. I only had it for 24hrs the new renter has it for 7 days.

The rest of today was all about getting sorted with housework & laundry. I start that online training plan this week and my surroundings need to be sorted for me to be sorted. Tomorrow I need to buy some weights for this training plan.

Now I try to get myself back into a routine and start training for the Tinker Bell 10K and Half.


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