Thursday, September 05, 2013

Dumbo Recap in pictures

So I already wrote about my experience with the Disneyland 10K and Disneyland Half Marathon but I have yet to find an app I'm happy with when blogging on the road, especially when it comes to adding pictures.

So now that I'm home and reunited with my laptop let the pictures begin.

Let me start with the first leg of my trip as I had to fly to Vancouver then change planes to get to Los Angeles.

 This was the view as we started our approach

What I absolutely love about the Vancouver airport is the abundance of Haida art, I snapped this as I started the super long trek to the Los Angeles flight gate.

This is the first time I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel, it was nice but I think I like Paradise Pier a little better just because it's one building as opposed to 3 like Disneyland Hotel.

 I was in the Frontier tower
This was my view - quite the parking lot

I didn't find this lovely vista till the second to last day as it was just off the side of the Frontier Tower

Loved my room and the Disney attention to detail

When I landed in Vancouver my watch band broke so I picked this up as a replacement

My go to breakfast - I adore the Mickey Waffle
 Now let's get to what I picked up in the expo, sorry about the sideways but these magnets are now in my cubicle at work.

 The race pins which are on my RunDisney lanyard, I'm going to need to pick up another lanyard.

 Sweaty Bands headband, I love these they do not move through any activity. The Dumbo ones were gone but I got the half marathon one.
 The commemorative necklace for the Disneyland Half

 A medal for my Vinylmation RunDisney Mickey.

 I bought this shirt as I wanted a long sleeve option, the upcoming races will be training in winter.

 The 10K Race Shirt
 Half Marathon Race Shirt
 Dumbo Double Dare Race Shirt

 I think I'm now collecting the jackets, I wore my Wine&Dine jacket there and in the airport and on the plane I was asked if I was taking part in the Dumbo Double Dare.

 Speaking of Dumbo Double Dare I needed something wearable that said that and this was pretty much my only option. Lucky I like green. It's always a little weird buying this stuff before you actually do the race so very happy I finished.
Now let me show you the other stuff I picked up not race related.
 I really like those family car decals but am so not comfortable with advertising "Hey I live alone" so I saw these and thought who would mess with the force.

 I'm now in the habit of getting a pin and a magnet to mark my visit

 Love Disney villains so had to get the t-shirt
 Speaking of Villains after I broke my "You're Wicked Awesome" mug I needed a replacement. I thought this was perfect being an only child.
 I love the intricate detail on their mugs too. This is now on my desk at work.

 In my last post I talked about reigniting the fire, I have this as lanyard medallion and when I saw the pin version I new I had to have it. I have it on my pounds lost paper clip chain at work. Eye on the price.
I fell in love with these Halloween Minnie Ears.

I was supposed to run today but this chafing issue is driving me bonkers, it looks pretty ugly but I can tell it's healing. It's beneath my arm pit but right where you arm will touch it or clothes will touch it. The walk home from the c-train station was torture. I'm taking vaseline with me to work tomorrow. I can't put a sports bra on till this heals more so I'm taking a few days off.

I finally turned on my humidifier to try to deal with the never ending cough as people were commenting on it today.

I did re look at my training plans for the Tinker Bell 10K and Half, originally I was just signed up for the half but as I'm doing both I dusted off the Dumbo Double Dare training and fit to the dates of Tinker Bell then figured out how it fits in when Tinker Bell ends and Glass Slipper Challenge training continues. Then I took the WDW Marathon training and made it fit the Calgary Marathon on June 1st. They blend seamlessly I'm very impressed.  I then took the Dopey Challenge training and worked my way back of my guess on when that race will take place in 2015.

Now after I saw all the medals at the expo I now want to do the Tower of Terror 10 miler (October 2014) and the Expedition Everest 5K and scavenger hunt (May 2014). That's 3 trips to Florida in 7 months including Dopey - craziness.

I do know that I don't think I'll do the Disneyland Half again. There are rumors RunDisney will add 2 races in 2015, can't wait to find out more.  Reigniting the fire more like lighting fire to an inferno :)


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