Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello from Disneyland

It was an early start on Friday as I headed to the airport. 

Discovered Air Canada now charges $25 to take one checked piece of luggage. I was standing at the check in kiosk & one of the options it gives you is scan your passport. So I did that & then this Air Canada person asks me why I did that. Ah because it was an option? She then took over and entered my stuff. When we got to the luggage part she says "how you going to pay". Before that moment I did not know you had to pay for one bag. 

After that it was off to Vancouver to change planes. On the flight to LA I helped my seat mate play this cool game called Logos. Must get this when I get home. 

Landing in LA I got on a shuttle right away & then off to Disneyland. 

My room wasn't ready when I got there so I went to packet pick up & the expo. I had no issues at pack it pick up and sailed through there. 

Then I hit the expo, no issues getting the race shirts but when I wanted to look at the official merchandise we were herded. They wouldn't let us cross past the back of the room & were told come back in 30 min. I thought this odd as when I did the Inaugural Tinker Bell Half this didn't happen. Finally got in but it was already pretty picked over by 2pm. I found what wanted with the exception of a Double Dare hat. Then I stood in line to pay...for 90min. It was craziness. Watching some of the people in line arm loads of stuff I wondered if they were planning to sell it. Stuff started going on eBay last night. It was ridiculous, no one was restocking stuff either. 

Wandered through the rest of the expo but nothing called my name. 

I then went to Downtown Disney as I wanted a journal. This journal is to use for training & the road to Dopey 2015. 

Went to bed super early as I was up so early. 

Today was the Inaugural Disneyland 10k. It was crazy humid which is not normal for this Area. Then it was a huge RunDisney fail. The corrals were a mess & no marker for corral G. The race started and corrals merged by accident. Hit the first water station just passed mile 1 and they were filling cups as runners approached which caused people to stop. That's not good we were told another water station was just ahead. Yeah at Mile 4. The water was warm & no powerade. It was super hot & crazy humid - not good. 

So many people walking more then 2 abreast. I started running when I saw room. Then I decided I'm not going to kill myself on the 10k. I stuck to walking and kept above pace requirements. I passed quite a few people who started ahead of me as the humidity was effecting lot of people. 

I have to say this race was super disorganized which is unlike RunDisney. 

Tomorrow is the Half. I went back to the expo to get a lighter shirt & got a deal at Champion. 

Everything is laid out as it will be another early wake up call & I'm going to bed early. 

I haven't taken a ton of photos but I'm post some when I get home. 

Wish me luck tomorrow. 


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Good luck!!! I hope it's not so humid!!

Enz said...

Good luck!!!!

Patty said...

Good luck my friend! Hope the next race is more organized and the weather is better. So awesome to run at Disneyland!

Patty said...

How cool to run at Disneyland. Hope the next race is organized better and the weather is cool. Good luck!

Debsdailylife said...

Hope you have a great race tomorrow!! Disney is a dream of mine!!!