Saturday, September 14, 2013


I'm not sure where the week went, I can't say it was a particularly great week as I was letting a lot of things bug me.  Which annoys me that I let these things bug me.

I'm still adjusting to the new job and find myself missing the old one a lot. In fact this week I ran into a lot of people from the old job and even got a few hugs which was super nice but at the same time probably escalated the missing.

A project I was super looking forward to in the old job is now starting off without me. Yeah that put me in the dumps a little.

On a good note I have tracked for a total of 5 days which is a new record and I've also been tracking on My Fitness Pal to see the breakdown of macronutrients i.e Fat, Carbs, Fibre and Protein. Now the extra special fact that I've tracked 5 days in a row is that they were doozy of days. I tracked absolutely everything no omissions whatsoever.

You know what I really like about the My Fitness Pal app is the ability to scan bar codes. The American WW has an app that does that but the Canadian WW does not. I might keep up the double tracking for a while.

I was reading Facebook this morning and the amazing Suzi Storm posted a YouTube link to an Acura commercial but it wasn't about the commercial, she was referencing what they say in the commercial and that got  my attention. Here it is and I've edited a little.

Reinvention isn't something man discovers, it's something he creates.
The ability to push ego aside and begin again.
That is the inspiration behind my re-creation.
My soul reimagined.

I have definitely been all up in my ego and focusing on the negative. I'm turning that around. I might even dust off some Eckhart Tolle.

The ironic thing about this is that cute country neighbour I was talking about before who I would now call a friend has become a project for me. I think I'm a project for him as well. As I said before he's going through a divorce so I think helping me with Dad's house is helping to distract him. Meanwhile his lack of self esteem and sense of self worth has become my project to help him realize he's surrounded by blessings. Apparently I'm helping which does make me feel good but I need to practice what I preach.

I'm focusing on reinvention.

I've tracked today again and this time stayed on plan.
I've also taken my vitamins for 6 days in a row.
I finally cooked again, I haven't really cooked anything since my Dad died living mostly on eating out or cheese and crackers. I made turkey chili and tomorrow I will make egg muffins so I can have protein for breakfast.
I bought 110 tulip bulbs today that I will plant tomorrow. My flower beds have been bare all summer as right before my Dad passed we had planned to do planting. After he died the flower beds made me sad. I will have flowers next spring and I will try to foster the green thumb that's hopefully buried in my genetics somewhere.

I start training for the Tinker Bell 10 K and Half Marathon next week. I dusted off the Dumbo Double Dare training and adjusted the dates.

I signed up for the Halloween Howl 10K on October 26th and opted for the timed version of the race as this is my chance to get a better time and a better corral for Tinker Bell.

I've decided my costume will be Halloween Minnie.

I have the ears

I ordered this skirt from Sparkle Athletic. It's not orange which I was hoping for but I think Gold will do.

I picked up 89 cent white mittens at Walmart today.

Already own black technical tops, so apart for something under the skirt pending the weather I'm good to go for now.

Let the reinvention begin and keep going.

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