Friday, April 26, 2013

Well that's a huge weight off my shoulders

Yet another crazy week.

This going to Edmonton every Monday is a challenge, dinner out Sunday after a 3hr drive, breakfast out Monday, catered lunch and then dinner out again before flying back to site.

What I need to do is make sure when my WW week starts on Saturday to keep that day totally OP and then have WP in my back pocket for these trips.

I didn't master that last week. I did pack workout clothes only to find the hotel treadmill was a junker. I have been keeping up with the squat challenge still need to do my 100 after I finish this blog.

I haven't been very focused on WW lately and a lot of that has to do with job stress. They're going down to one HR person at site. So my co-worker and I will go back to Calgary. I knew the plan for him, my replacement was hired a few months ago but other then going back to Calgary there was no plan for me.

My current boss who perhaps needs some sensitivity training had asked where I wanted to go in the past, I told her and then she suggested something that had nothing to do with what I just said.

My uber boss (her boss) told me this was all about development. Yet my boss has told me "I was being shopped" meaning my future return to Calgary was mentioned among the HR team at my company. When she told me that all I could think of was what if no one "buys" me.  I was told I was coming back between September and December then it was after Christmas.

I did share with my boss that all this was freaking me out - she said not to worry there were a lot of mat leaves coming development is dependent on a mat leave?????

Well yesterday I was chatting with her on the phone and she told me that a role has turned up and how she thinks it's really good for me. Now based on my history with her at first I was skeptical but she sounded genuinely excited. She wouldn't tell me what the role was just that the leader wanted to take me for coffee today. Now I was popping into the home office today to assist my boss with a project. Of course all night I was wondering what this role could be and who the leader was. She told me I knew them and my experience in my current role would be a benefit and it would get me more face time with Calgary folks as I've been hidden at site for years.

Well I met the leader today and it wasn't anyone I had suspected. The role let's me stay in my current org so my uber boss doesn't change but it's all about projects. I'm seriously intrigued. I would get to manage projects, make decisions and help out all the people I know now. Now it's more helping other HR folks as opposed to a client group but lately I have been feeling I could use a change. What I loved about being a recruiter was that I was busy all the time, in my current role it's very much off and on, and I'm thinking this role would be more like when I was recruiter - in theory every job opening was a project.

Now the deal is not 100% set but it would give me even more career options down the road like project management (I'm told a PMP would be supported) or into a specialized discipline in HR as opposed to generalist.

Going back to Calgary has some definite advantages.

  • Not having to get up at 3:30am on Mondays
  • Being able to have 100% control over my food as I'd be back to preparing everything myself. 
  • Being home every night
  • Not getting on a plane twice a week that I swear does something to you
  • Being able to go the gym and participate in classes
  • Having more WW meeting to choose from when I can't make Saturday
  • Getting more exposure at work
  • Being able to pick stuff up after work and not having to leave everything to the weekend. 
  • Not having to leave everything to the weekend i.e house cleaning and errands. 
  • Getting the 15 paid days off a year and actually get paid for 11 stats. 
  • Seeing my Calgary co workers more
  • Don't have to pay people to shovel my sidewalk
  • I can actually do a 12 week workout dvd program without disturbing the people the who live below me in camp and have enough energy after work to do it. 

Now there are also cons

  • 25% dock in pay as I lose my site assignment uplifts, mind you their taxable so perhaps that's no all bad (trying to be positive). I don't have any control over being sent back to Calgary.
  • Paying for all my food as now I only need to feed myself for 3 days, mind you a week is easier to plan
  • I will miss my current client group but it's not like I won't be able to still see what happens. 
  • Having access to the food court again and so so many options.
  • Being able to go to Starbucks every day (if it's planned into my day not a total con)
  • Working Fridays again, mind you working an 8hr day as opposed to a 10, 11, 12, 13hr day. 

It's not like I can stay at site, but hey if I pursue Project Mgmt you never know.

I do want to focus on all the positives as the move could now be sped up dramatically and I could be back in the Calgary office by June.

This does take a huge weight off my mind so now I put all my focus on weight loss as I don't need to worry about what happens to me which can bring out some emotional eating.

So game on as I'll need to refresh my corporate wardrobe, my t-shirt and jeans won't do in the head office.


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Enz said...

New starts are so exciting!!!! And the reality of a "normal work week" will be a nice change for you.