Friday, April 12, 2013

Fly by week while hunting demons

This week flew by.

I took the above photo on my phone as we were landing at work. When I looked out the window I could see a rainbow circling the shadow of the plane in the clouds. It didn't show up well but do you ever feel like your chasing a rainbow?

Super late meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

Monday was mostly spent doing an aspect of my old job by helping out with interviews. I did love my old job and while I do love my current job there are things I miss about the old job. The biggest thing is I was a rock star at my old job and this one I feel like it's two steps forward and one step back.

I knew the Tuesday meeting would be emotionally charged so I was worried about it but in the end it went really well. Now I get to repeat it with the next shift this coming Tuesday.

On Wednesday I just wanted to get a decent nights rest.

On Thursday I flew home.

On Wednesday I started working on this monster spreadsheet that's part of an important project. Nothing quite like staring at little tiny boxes for hours upon hours. The tiny boxes continued all afternoon on Thursday.

I never made it to the gym once. Instead I read. I have been working my way through Jillian Michael's Unlimited, even reading a chapter then going back to read it again. I'm working on why I continually sabotage myself and why in other aspects of my life I achieve my goals so why can't I do that with getting to goal weight. I know this is not a quick answer but rather work through each demon as it surfaces.

I continue to be fascinated by cross fit and need to fit that into my routine even if it's on my own due to my crazy travel situation.

Tracking got a wee abandoned by Wednesday.

That week is finished on to a new one.

I am very much looking forward to weigh in tomorrow because Weight Watchers International officially takes over from the dinosaur franchisees. The dinosaur franchisees didn't take part in the 5K Walk, didn't stock pedometers and I'm guessing didn't stock a few other things. Didn't take part in the monthly pass option. I'm really looking forward to more consistency with other provinces and states across North America.

I seriously need to do my taxes.

Now you're up to date on my world. How has your week been?


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