Saturday, April 20, 2013

A week that made your head spin

I was in Edmonton on Monday, sitting in a boardroom all by myself as I waited for my colleagues to come out of another meeting. A friend sent me a text saying she was happy I wasn't running the Boston Marathon. Now I had not seen any news so I thought the text a little odd and I responded with something along the lines of "You have to fast to run that one". Of course this made we wonder what was happening so I hopped on to google to find out what happened.

My first though went to Dani  as I've been following her excitement as she trained for this event. After a quick check on Facebook I learned she was o.k and so was her family who was watching.

My next thought was what hell spawn would do this at an event that has no political nor religious element. Who would purposely maim and kill at a peaceful event that unites people from around the world in the pursuit of a dream. More then 2000 Canadians were signed up for that race. This touched people all over the world.

Of course events happened fast with the apprehension of the 2nd suspect, however no punishment will give people their loved ones back nor repair the damage so many people experienced.

What it did show we was how strong the human spirit is. All over the world people gathered to pray for Boston. Even today in my city 4000km from Boston had a run in support of the people hurt that day. 1000 people showed up. I would have to but I didn't find out about it until I was sitting waiting for my weigh in to start.

I know have a crazy goal to run Boston one day, the city needs to know we are still behind them.

So here's where I get a little random to recap my week.

Now I lost 1lb at weigh in so I was pretty happy with that. I also learned my ridiculous leader retired, suddenly and never came back to the meeting to say good bye. Can't say I'm upset about that as I never really got anything from her however I'm sure others connected with her. I really do like our sub Nicky, who was supposed to get my meeting originally. She's requested to keep it and I hope she does.

The weigh in lady told me I earned a 5lb star, I told her I'm not taking any stars until I'm back to and surpass 168 as when I hit that point I kind of freaked out and started to back peddle. She asked me if I wasn't going to reward myself at all and I told her I had my own stickers for now. She then followed me and asked if I was afraid of being attractive. That threw me a little and I honestly told her there was a time I was but I believe I'm over that now. I told her I've been fat my entire life so I didn't know the person I was turning into to. My security blanket was disappearing so that freaked me out. My will to succeed at a goal that has alluded me trumps the security blanket.

On Friday I went to Cirque de Soleil Amaluna, it was lovely but I did get reprimanded by the camera police before the show started so could only snap one quick pic of the stage. I was in the 2nd row so pretty close.

At the intermission I posted "Cirque de Soleil - the land of zero body fat" on Facebook.

Tomorrow I'm off to Edmonton again, I had been worried about the 3hr drive with my boss as I had no idea what we would talk about for that long and I still don't know what my next job is however I still have the current one to focus on for at lease another 7 months. She did mention 3 areas to look into or learn more about. So I'll do that.

The week at work was crazy busy and flew by as it had loads of last minute report requests in the middle of a crazy time. Luckily all the HR cycles are now finished so I can concentrate on all the little things that have been pilling up.

I am striking distance of getting back to the 180s. Persistence, patience, purpose and intent will pay off.

I hope all of you are well.



Enz said...

I look forward to your weekly recaps!

JMT said...

Wow I can't believe that receptionist said that to you! I'm a WW receptionist and I would never be that presumptuous with a member. That's pretty bold.

JMT said...

Wow I can't believe that receptionist said that to you! I'm a WW receptionist and I would never be that presumptuous with a member. That's pretty bold.

Meg said...

We totally go to the same meeting, or at least the same location. I was at the early meeting last week and I thought the announcement was a little wacky but I really like the new leader, too!