Saturday, February 16, 2013

Walking, walking everywhere

I didn't mean to not post for almost a week, I've had super awful sleep since I last posted and with so many people around me under the weather my priority was rest.

I returned to my WW meeting today after my self imposed pity exile last week. I know that skipping a meeting is never the answer. When I went to weigh in I handed over 2 weigh in coupons, the scale lady said I should just pay the registration fee but I said no I'm facing the consequence of not coming last week. You can't have goals without consequences.

The scale gave me a -.2 since my last WW weigh in 2 weeks ago and down 1.6 lbs since my weigh in at home last week.

I'm cool with that but now more determined then ever to get back on track.

Today I had a hair appointment at Aveda but was early so I swung by the Bay for tights as I'm working in the Calgary office next week and need to get my corporate on.

I also picked up Jillian Michael's new book Slim For Life.

I'm not too far into it yet. I first downloaded it on my Kobo but after a few chapters I realized I want to own this one. It's structured in a no nonsense kind of way and I've already picked up on an aha moment. Jillian suggests instead of a cheat day have a cheat meal, o.k that's not new. She suggests not counting in days but counting in meals going after the 80/20 rule. I'm intrigued.

Then it was off for new hair and after that I hiked up to Lululemon (18 blocks there and back) so I could use the gift certificate I got for Christmas. I was after sports bras as I'm discovering there is a difference. I have one bra from them the Ta Ta Tamer, love it. I also really like the new Under Armor but Lululemon is $10 cheaper, shocking hey. Well I get there and they don't have my size so the girl suggested going up a cup size so I tried it on and that works.

I then went back to the downtown mall and had lunch. I went to Arby's and had half a Great Canadian and a third of the curly fries. I made sure to be mindful and put it down after every bite.

I then walked through the revamped Devonian Gardens. I spent a lot of time in Devonian Gardens as a kid and when I got my first job downtown, it's literally a park on the 3rd floor of the downtown mall.

It used to be more stand alone but the mall has gone through some major renos and it now flows off the food court. It's a little oasis.

Direct quote from the city's website: Devonian Gardens, in the downtown Core Shopping Centre, has officially re-opened. Experience the 10,000 shrubs, 1.5 million pounds of soil and the 550 trees used to re-create this "tropical oasis".

You can feed giant Gold Fish, or at least I think that's what they are. I fed them as a kid as you can buy fish food from little machines near by.

 There's cute fountains. It's pretty serene I saw loads of people studying, playing cards or just reading.

 There's beautiful trees even in the dead of winter.

 Indigenous Art is everywhere

 The main park is on the 3rd floor but on either side you can go down levels if you want a quiet space. When I worked in the mall a bizillion years ago these little side parts where my favourite place to go to enjoy a coffee and a book.

 There's even an indoor playground, again pretty handy when it's wicked wind chill. This is a lot different from the old one but they look they're having fun The only thing that didn't come back was the indoor skating rink which I spent loads of time on as a kid.

Right off the food court there's little seating areas by these plant walls, a nice alternative if you don't want to sit in the main part of the food court.

You can gaze on the myriad of Plus 15s, those are the pedestrian bridges that go across the street, they're called Plus 15 because they're 15 feet off the ground. Super handy when you work downtown and it's -30C and also handy when it's +30C. Started in the 1960's but now span the majority of downtown as they pretty much go up with every new building. You can't really see due to the window covering but there are least 4 bridges in this picture.

I then headed home and tackled the C-Train station stairs.

62 steps in all and always make a point of taking them instead of the escalator. I'll have to keep these in mind as a workout option for a stair workout.

By the way so far today I did the equivalent of 25 flights of stairs which is a new FitBit milestone for me and 6.25 miles of steps.

Here's to a fabulous week ahead!!!


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