Thursday, February 07, 2013


This is how I would describe my behaviour this week, not in put myself in danger sort of way but more sliding into bad habits kind of way.

I tracked on the weekend but it went sideways starting on Monday.  Monday was a long day as I was up at 3:30 am and in a meeting until 8 pm. We had a co-worker visit us up at site on Monday so we took her for lunch in the camp kitchen. Normally I pack my lunch on Mondays. I don't go for lunch in the camp kitchen as healthy is a challenge and it can set me up for a bad day.

I started Monday with trying the new version of my breakfast sandwich and once again got half down before tossing it. I'm thinking a protein shake might be a better option for such an early breakfast after a few hours of sleep and just waking up.

Tuesday was a whirlwind as I was flying home that day. It turned a wee stressful for me as well. By the end of 2013 I should be starting a new job but I have no idea what that job will be. Well it will be more or less what I do now but supporting a different group. New boss had hired my replacement, these are her words. Those words cause a little uneasiness as again no idea where I'm going and I don't think they know that yet. I do know my replacement and I will at some point be spending a few months together as I transition to her I just hope I know where I'm going by then or that will feel super awkward.

I'm a planner, so being in the dark is driving me a little bonkers. I try to relax and just trust in the process as my boss's boss tells me he has my back. New boss told me I was being shopped around. I saw boss's boss a few weeks ago and he asked me how I was doing. I told him I was apparently being shopped. He paused and said that's not the message I should be receiving and this was all about development. boss certainly has a way with words.

At any rate flew home Tuesday and get a whole 6 days of sleeping in my own bed. The Eric Church concert was fantastic and he seemed to be genuinely happy with the response he received from the crowd. The opening act was Colt Ford and I had no idea who he was. I think he started as a song writer. Every time he preformed a song he dropped a name of who he worked with on it. It was a kind of funny. 

Today I was supposed to go to a seminar  that I signed up for and paid for myself but yesterday I was looking around my house and every surface was covered with something. So today I decided to stay home and get sorted. A chaotic environment doesn't help me. Dusting and vacuuming are done. Now I'm doing laundry and then steam clean anything that can't go into the washer.

The other day I ventured into trying to sell my bib for the Hypo Half. Now I've never done that before and had a potential buyer. I contacted her yesterday and she was mentioning I change it to her name but I wanted the gym bag so I need to pick it up. In the end she wasn't going to be able to make the run so I probably won't sell it but I did decide kind of last minute to not do the run so I'll suck it up.

On Wednesday I went baby shower shopping and went a little crazy. I adore the mom to be and at one point I put stuff back only to turn a corner and see something she had to have.

Saturday is the shower and then a bunch of us are going roller skating. I haven't roller skated since I was 13. Should be interesting and not sure I'll be brave enough to actually skate but we shall see.

Friday I'm going into work even though it's my day off as I have lots to do and taking the last two days off but me a little behind.

In the meantime I'm taming the reckless and tweaking the focus.


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