Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Light Bulb Moment

Hello my friends,

Today I have the day off which turned out to be very good. My boss took those of us who were working yesterday out for drinks at 3:30pm. I had brought my gym bag with me as I absolutely intended to go to the gym after work. Alas time passed, drinks multiplied and it was 9pm. Thankfully I stuck to diet coke and vodka, so that's 2pts a drink. However I had 6 of them. Yes I shocked myself so today is completely focused on cleansing. Lower point day, copious amounts of water and heavy on the fruit and veg. However I did not feel the effects this morning and woke up at 7:45am feeling fine, which I think is due to sticking to one type of drink. That was super generous of her as we started with 10 people and there were 4 left at 9pm.

I stepped on the scale this morning and I was lighter than yesterday...weird.

I am going to the gym today however and will be after work tomorrow as well. What better way to start off my New Year's than doing something healthy. I'm staying home and having a movie night for New Year's and I decided to make it a WW healthy event rather than an excuse to go crazy. I did the crazy for Christmas and now it's done. So I'm planning turkey tacos in lettuce wraps as my main course, saw this neat recipe in Clean Eating magazine for whole wheat wanton wrappers filled with grapes and something else not sure what but that could be a nice appetizer. For dessert low fat pudding and cool whip.

I was originally planning to go shopping today as a little Christmas shopping for me and then I realized the things I want would make excellent goal rewards instead. This was my light bulb moment. If I want these things I'll have to work for them.

So the makeup train case from Sephora and the travel yoga mat from Lululemon will have to wait. I'm undecided on weight goals I'm thinking 10lb increments for these two things as they're not cheap maybe even a bit higher. Then maybe an OPI nail polish for 5lbs or something like that.

Have any of you tried goal rewards? What works for you and what do you covet?

I'm off to catch up on all your blogs - Hugs!

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Nancy said...

I have found that when I drink heavily, I'm lighter the morning after. I think this is because the alcohol dehydrates me.

I totally use goal rewards! I find it a really effective motivator to delay gratification. I have a list on my blog, but I normally go for things like a new hand blender, or a new top... My reward for when I hit goal will be Lululemon pants.