Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brrr and busy!

Winter has finally hit my fair city, today high of -23C (Winchill -36) and we had a snow storm hit yesterday that resulted in approximately 25cm of snow, that's almost a foot. 
Yesterday when the full storm hit we were sent home at 2:30pm, I got home at 5:00pm. I was working at a location not downtown. So I had to take two buses and a train. The first bus and train were fine, but when I hit downtown there must have been 60 people waiting at the bus stop. So I went to another bus stop and hopped on the first one that I knew would get me relatively close to home. I must have taken 45min to move 3 blocks. Oh well, we really can't complain as it's December 13th and this our first taste of winter.

I was in Fort Mac on Tuesday and they had -25 for the past week, while at home in Calgary it was +2. 

On the WW online front I've been crappy at tracking this week and saw a .7 gain. It's my own fault, I feel like I'm racing around all the time and not planning well that's for sure. This week I vow to track everyday and get my water in (that's been hard too). Can I say I was pretty happy this morning knowing my weigh in was at home and not having to bundle out into the -36 windchill.

My workload tripled this week and I'm not complaining I love to be busy. There were a whack of meetings that left me a little short of time. I'm not sure where I'm working this Monday, it's either downtown or site (150km outside of Fort McMurray) so that would mean an early wake up call and off to the plane. So far I'm not confirmed on the flight so if I don't hear from my boss by tomorrow (we're waiting on another person) I'm working downtown. The rest of the week will be in the SE location. If I could move the SE building to downtown my world would be perfect. Yesterday they gave me my own phone and gave me a tour of the building and took me to office services where I literally shopped for office supplies. Downtown I have to order from the Grand&Toy catalogue and hope the person who places the order okays what I'm asking for.

I'm bringing lunch next week for 4/5 days and will have a water bottle on my person at all times. I still haven't figured out how to hit the gym with my crazy schedule but I think that's how it will be on crazy weeks we'll have to figure things out at home and on regular weeks (which will happen) we hit the gym.

I seriously need to catch up on all your blogs as I haven't had a chance and I must write a paper this weekend. After the paper no school until the end of January.

Oh yeah, that test I wrote in October. I got 66%, 4% shy of moving on to the next test so I'll be re-writing that in May. I admit I didn't prepare well for the first writing so I feel pretty good about 66%, I know if I try a little harder I'll make it to the next round.

Sorry for the long post but I think it's going to be a once a week posting for awhile.


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