Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shocking! Two posts in one week.

Someone sent me an ecard from Hallmark to my work email today and the computer freaked out when I went to open it. Sadly that really means the end of blogging at work. Not that I've had time to do such things.

Today I tried to go through all of the jobs that recently became my responsibility. I'm not sure when the last time they were checked for new resume submissions but I go through 3 postings because each had 50 resumes I had to read through.
Which makes me say this: People I know that looking for a job is hard, but please there is fine line between wishful thinking and there's no way in heck your qualified for this position. I.E. Starbucks is not 5 years of progressively more challenging Administrative experience. Sometimes I've got to bring out the tough love. 

Christmas shopping is done, thank you Amazon and your email gift certificates. I don't think of it as selling out. I think of it as highly practical. No waste from gift wrap and they get what they want. Tada!

I found myself thinking I can't wait to get back to the gym today, by the time regular hours resume all the New Year's resolution people will be there. As I was waiting in line at Walmart the other day I was reading all the January magazine covers and it seemed 98% of them mentioned weight loss. Some things never change.

I'm going through tv withdrawal as the normal shows I watch are all pre-empted by Christmas specials. Sadly a whole chunk of them have been cancelled i.e. Pushing Daisies (I'm heart broken) and I was getting into My Own Worst Enemy. Lipstick Jungle is hanging by a thread.

I can't stand medical or cop shows, for that kind of drama I watch the news. But alas new show will come. How about Biggest Loser starting up again on Jan 6th. I love it practically back to back seasons.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a incredible 2009.
Be blessed :)

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