Saturday, December 06, 2008

You are brilliant!

WW Online...why didn't I think of that? 
It's not that I have a beef with the program, I know it works. I did consider doing something different as a change, the thing that bugs me about other programs is their restrictive. I checked out Biggest Loser Club online, the pre-made menus bug me. Mainly because it's an American site most of the foods listed are processed and only available there. The minute someone tells me I can't have something, I get rebellious. Plus as mentioned even within WW, if I need a change I can switch to core. You guys are geniuses!

So after some thought I signed up for WW online, this way I can still weigh in on Saturdays but whenever I get up. I was finding the meetings pretty darn repetitive so I've signed up for 3 months online. That's a solid test period. 

The journey is changing roads my friends and we shall see what happens.

Work is fantastic, I'm smoking busy and conducted my first interview with the new company last week. Afterwards the hiring manager who joined me said I obviously knew what I was doing. I like the group I'm supporting and I'll learn a lot. Now my goal is to be the best recruiter they've ever had.

I didn't wind up going to the corporate party due to a series of snafus. My class ran late, I missed the normal bus. My cell phone was dead, so by the time I got home it was close to 10pm and I knew at that point I was hooped. Oh well, at least I went to the department one so I've had at least one Christmas party which more than some people get.

I don't feel like it's Christmas at all, I put up my tree and decorated the house but with no snow and relatively balmy temperatures I just don't feel it. Today I'll wander over to Walmart to get my donation for the family that work is supporting and I'll make yearly donation to Toy Mountain. I seem to have difficult people on my list as I've known everyone for a long time and it gets tough to be creative. At least I have a few weeks.

Have a groovy weekend and thank you for all your support.



Fatinah said...

I think you'll really like WW online....keep us posted!

louiserun said...

I also did WW on-line for about a year and I did both programs. What I enjoyed about on-line was the convenience and the blogging where we provided tips and motivation to each other. I picked up some great core recipes using oatmeal and cream of wheat.