Monday, February 25, 2008


This morning I dropped by the bank and asked them to check my debit card, and told them about my experience at Safeway. There was nothing wrong, no messages and no flag on the account. The lovely teller suggested replacing the card which I did as a precaution. I think I'll also change my pin monthly. I wasn't super worried as I kept checking my account online for any mistakes and never found any. Plus the bank never phoned or sent a message via online banking so I think the whole thing was Safeway's issue.

On Sunday I continued with my paper and finished it and then emailed it to work so I could look it over with a fresh pair of eyes before submitting.

I also made 28 fondant roses, I just sat and half listened to the oscars as I did this. I still have 10 to do but I'll do those tomorrow night. I'll bake the cakes tomorrow as well. Then Wednesday will just be assembly. I'm out all day Tuesday for a course. Out to dinner tonight. I'm seriously looking forward to not having to make icing for awhile.

Have a groovy day

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Diane Mandy said...

Whew! I'm relieved for you!