Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

If you're wondering what this picture is about, get yourself over to Snackie's site and discover Snackie's Self Love Day. I have never had a boyfriend on Valentine's day, well I lie once but he wasn't a Valentine's day kind of guy. This also tells you that my dating time frame caps out a year. I have no ill feelings about this day. I think it's nice that people get flowers and tokens of affections. When I used to work for The Body Shop this was killer day in sales but also made you a little jaded about some men's attitude towards Valentine's day.

I have always been an independant person, it helps being an only child. I'm totally cool with being single as I like to say I'd rather be alone then be lonely in a relationship. I have a hopeful attitude towards love and I'm a hopeless romantic combined with being a realist. If I find the man of my dreams that's great but I'm o.k if that doesn't happen. Let's just say I'm a roll with it type of person, make the best of the circumstances your in. I have no issues with buying myself flowers, but I do that when I want flowers not necessarily to mark a date.

The rules of this day is to post what you love about yourself and to encourage others to post what they love about you. I love that I'm independant and that I'm pretty damn funny. I love that I can turn someone's day around and have them smiling.

On to other news, the coughing seems to be getting less. I wandered over to Rocky Mountain Soap Factory and picked up their cold/flu body butter and bed/room spray. The body butter acts like a Vick's vapo rub sort of thing but is essential oils. Well I sprayed my bed and room with the spray, put the body butter on and coughed more last night than the day before. I did notice the coughing was less intense so I don't know what's going on.

I had to prepare 3 cakes last night. Two for a birthday on Friday and finish off the cake for my class tonight. Well I kind of messed up on the first cake as I didn't really wait for the chocolate to get to room temperature before I folded in the whip cream so it's not so perfect. The 2nd one I was more patient. I was making two because we have about 17 staff and one cake feeds 10, but then I realized that the two cakes from class will probably come to work. I think that's enough cake, I'm enforcing calorie control on people.

My pvr is recording like crazy as I've been either busy or exhausted. I haven't watched Biggest Loser all the way through. I was watching the 6pm version when at 7 my pvr started to record two other shows. Well there's only so much one can do when that happens. I was taping the 9pm version. I did watch the 2nd episode of big brother last night but taped the first. The thing that's a bit irritating about later seasons of these type of shows is that everyone sort of copies previous people's game plans. The couple thing is an interesting twist but we shall see.

I'm beyond excited about Knight Rider and proudly declaring my geek status.

I had totally forgotton that Family Day is on Monday, normally this was an Alberta only holiday but I think other provinces are adopting it. I so need to catch up on some textbook reading as I'm falling behind. Some of the people in my class are driving me a wee bananas. You see I'm a recruiter and have been for 5 years. I'm taking Recruitmen and Selection, so there's a lot of people in this class that seem to have a very in the perfect world attitude towards this subject or are totally oblivious to labour regulations. It shall be interesting.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everbody and be sure to treat yourself.


Diane Mandy said...

Happy Valentines and Self Love day!

jodi said...

happy valentine's day to you as well! i agree - even though i have a boyfriend, v-day is so over-rated... sort of like new year's eve, in my opinion - it's just another day and another excuse to buy someone a card! seems silly to me... and you have a great attitude about being single - i was single for a really long time and felt the same way... it was easier being happy and alone, then unhappy and with someone... the day i gave-up looking, i met eric so there you go... :o)

i really like your sense of humor too! :o)

Fatinah said...

happy valentine's day!
I had forgotten it was today - sheesh. I also had no idea a long weekend was coming. Guess it is comfortable here under my rock!!!