Thursday, February 21, 2008

The picture of organization

Wowsers was Rocky Mtn Soap packed last night. I picked up the skin care line for 50% off and a couple of other things for 20% off and got a free hand cream. Zipped home, wiped down all the icing making essentials with vinegar as royal icing completely discombobulates when even the tiniest amount of grease touches it. While icing was mixing, I wrote a post it note for all 8 types I needed (varying consistencies and colours). Portioned out the quantities and then mixed colours and changed consistencies (with a wee bit of water) and boom done in 45 minutes.

Then I had to write my job analysis questionnaire. I had done speedy google research earlier and then remembered the textbook from the last class had an example. Now I just need to hunt down people to interview. Got everything done and didn't have to stay up all hours to do it.

Well Saturday will mark the completion of week 6 of my previously discussed 26 week Metamorphosis and things aren't going quite as I planned. I've done a heck of a job of maintaining. So maybe this will be the 32 week metamorphosis, mind you 20 weeks is a long time. I finally feel like I'm coughing less so I think workouts can resume starting with walking and yoga. No running just yet.

Tracking wise has sucked completely and with winefest on Friday this week is going a wee downhill. I'm totally prepared for a fresh start on Saturday for the new and improved 20 week metamorphosis.


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Fatinah said...

I don't think you should be too hard on yourself because you've maintained. 26 weeks is a long time, and really I think you're doing great. I know the goal is to be going down, but there will be these bumps and if you're going to have bumps, better to maintain than gain....